YouTube Comedian David So Exposes The Music Video Trolls In New Vevo Series ‘The Comment Show’ [VIDEO]


Today, Vevo is launching “The Comment Show,” where YouTube comedian David So skewers, praises and analyzes the latest postings from “the black hole of humanity” — the comments section of Vevo’s hottest music videos. Only the strongest and strangest opinions get top billing in this web series. The description sums up the show’s purpose: “If […]

Must-Watch Video: David So Skewers ‘The Last’ in Latest YouTube Video


Wong Fu Productions’ latest short “The Last” has melted many hearts with Harry Shum’s vivid tales of who, what, when, where and why. YouTube comedian David So, however, wrote in the description of his latest video “The Last Resort”: “I started to wonder, if the roles were reversed and I was on the other end, […]

Top 11 ‘Gangnam Style’ Video Parodies


Sexy Lady oh oh oh oh! Oppa gangnam style! Originally released on July 15, 2012, Korean rapper Psy’s ”Gangnam Style“ video features a ridiculously catchy tune, a horse riding dance that you can’t help but prance along with, and the rapper strutting through garbage raining from the sky and blowing up elderly Korean men. Since it’s release, […]

David So | YouTube Comedian


Thrilled to meet with comedian David So, we arranged to interview the YouTube sensation at The Hat in Pasadena. We weren’t particularly hungry, so we opted to split a large order of chili fries — we know, you’re jealous. Following a brief moment of indulging in chili goodness, we took to the streets of downtown […]

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