5 Things Independent YouTube Creators Should Know Before Filing Their Taxes


While keeping people entertained and getting views are a top priority for online video creators, another responsibility that’s sometimes overlooked is that if they’re making money, they have to give some of it to Uncle Sam. Yes, since YouTube creators make a living off of reviewing the latest viral videos or singing in their bedrooms, […]

YouTube, Live Streams, TV & ‘New Media’: The Year of Living Digitally [GUEST POST]


Byron Austen Ashley is a digital producer based out of Los Angeles.  A recent graduate of the Northwestern University School of Communication, Byron works for the Big Frame network, serving as an Associate Producer for Dave Days and as a Production Coordinator for DeStorm Power.  In 2010, Byron was nominated for Best College Student Production – […]

The Cost of YouTube Piracy [INFOGRAPHIC]


Since YouTube’s creation, it has been making attempts at reducing copyright infringement. Even with its recent Jay Leno and Rick Astley fiascos, YouTube has so far largely managed to keep many illegal uploads from seeing the light of day. They’ve even go so far as to ban users from the site and preventing users from […]

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