Former Members Of Epic Meal Time Cite Poor Treatment And Broken Promises As Reasons For Leaving


There is something strange about Epic Meal Time video “The Edible Sombrero.” While the title alone should be the biggest indicator for bizarre content, this particular video is troubling for an entirely different reason. In it, Epic Meal Time co-creator Harley Morenstein talks directly into the camera while creating yet another edible monstrosity, this time […]

Epic Meal Time’s Harley Morenstein Chugs ‘Molly Water’ And Lives To Tell The Tale [VIDEO]


It’s rare that fans of YouTube are able to see outside of their favorite creator’s particular persona. So much of a successful creator’s career mirrors (in some twisted fashion) the lifestyles of professional wrestlers — I know how that sounds; I’ll explain. Much like the bombastic public images that most wrestlers must cultivate — Macho […]

Top 5 Video Tips to Overcome Your Hangover Train Wrecks from Daily Grace, Epic Meal Time and Hannah Hart


So yesterday you celebrated our country’s Independence Day, right? First, you had a drink, and then your drink had a drink, and before you knew it, a group of Abraham Lincoln impersonators were taking body shots off you while you sang the “Star Spangled Banner” at the top of your lungs. Sure last night you […]

EpicMealTime & Collective Digital Announce ‘Epic Tool Time,’ Renew ‘Epic Chef’


For those of you hungry for more bacon-drenched, artery-clogging EpicMealTime tomfoolery, NextTime Productions (the production company founded by EMT creator Harley Morenstein) and Collective Digital Studio rolled out some good news today. EpicMealTime cooking competition “Epic Chef” has been renewed for a second season after a wildly successful first season performance on YouTube. “Epic Chef,” […]

A YouTube Musician Or A Musician On YouTube? [GUEST POST]


Once a YouTuber, always a YouTuber. Although some stars, like the creators of Fred and Annoying Orange, have managed to break through into film and television, they’ll forever be remembered for their online antics first and foremost. It seems as though anyone who makes their living and gains their popularity off the site is destined […]

Because Bacon Won’t Prepare Itself: Epic Meal Time Releases New Cookware Set & Cookbook


With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about those wonderfully uncomfortable displays of togetherness known as dinner parties. With every group of strangers comes any given number of requests and complaints regarding your holiday menu. One person wants duck, another turkey, and another roast pig. Sure, you could cook all […]

#ThrowbackThursdays: The 1st Ever Videos of YouTube’s Top 10 Personalities


#ThrowbackThursdays are always a joyous, fun time, especially when you’re reliving the nostalgic moments from your favorite YouTubers’ early days. Today, we turn back time by taking a look back at the first uploaded video from the current Top 10 most subscribed YouTube personalities (as of September 2012). 1. RayWilliamJohnson 2. Nigahiga 3. Smosh 4. […]

YouTube’s Epic Meal Time Kicks Off ‘Shart Week’ (with Bacon)


Philip Defranco may be hosting The Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, but the high calorie meat mavens over at Epic Meal Time are doing their own thing starting today: Shart Week. What’s a shart, you ask? “A Shart is when you gamble with your underwear and you lose,” says Epic Meal Time host and creator Harley […]

It Looks Like Major Media Is Taking YouTubers Seriously


The self described “Home Page For The World’s Business Leaders,” published an interview earlier this week with none other than Epic Meal Time’s Harley Morenstein. Wait, what? The same website that exposed Stephen Glass’ fraud in 1998 is interviewing a guy who eats big food on camera for a living? Add one to the […]

Learning From The Three Current Stooges of YouTube


Once upon a time, our great nation had pure comedy gold in The Three Stooges’ Curly shoulder-spinning on the ground while “woo-woo-woo”ing. And then Moe would yank some hair, poke some eyes, and we’d all be rolling on the floor laughing. But these things are sadly no more – no Curly shuffle, no gangsta Moe, […]

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