Twitter Expands Video Partnerships With ESPN and Fox


Sports highlight clips are coming to Twitter thanks to a deal with ESPN that would see more advertising revenue for the microblogging site. The Wall Street Journal reported that the highlights will be available on Twitter’s desktop and mobile platforms in real time. Some major events that will be covered under the deal include soccer […]

ESPN Might Have The Worst Tumblr Site On The Planet


Starting a Tumblr is easy. Starting and maintaining a good Tumblr is hard. ESPN just found this out in awkwardly public fashion. Trending for all the wrong reasons, the ESPN Tumblr account has the makings of another “#McDStories” — another high profile social media miss. See, ESPN apparently only had the knowledge that a thing […]

‘Blame Jay Cutler’ Hashtag Captivates Twitter — Is QB To Blame For Holocaust?


I’m going to go out on a limb here: I like Jay Cutler. I think that the world is too mean to him — sure he comes off like a spoiled, effete little douchebag who pouts and seems to spend most of his time being injured, but so what? We all have bad decades. For me, it […]

Will Ooyala Threaten YouTube’s Grip On Video Content?


Ever watched the latest episode of ESPN SportsCenter online or the latest clips from the NBA Finals? Chances are Ooyala, a video technology company founded by former Google employees, is managing that video stream and other video content for big companies like Miramax and Electronic Arts. Now, Ooyala (meaning “cradle” in the South Indian language […]

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