Leaked Video Ad Pitch Deck Shows How Facebook Believes it Can Beat YouTube


Facebook believes it can outcompete YouTube for video ad dollars, according to a leaked Facebook video ad pitch deck obtained by TechCrunch. In the 32-page document, Facebook advises its execs on how to sell the platform to potential advertisers. The ad pitch pushes the notion that the social media company can beat both YouTube and […]

Survey: For the First Time Ever, YouTube Beats Facebook as Younger Teens’ Favorite Site


On the heels of a Facebook earnings call where the social networking giant admitted they had lost traction with younger teens for the first time ever, comes the news that YouTube has now overtaken Facebook as younger teens’ favorite site. According to the Futures Company’s annual upcoming TRU Youth Monitor survey results, as previewed by […]

#FBRape Campaign Demands Companies Remove Advertising Until Facebook Takes Down Pro-Rape Content


Last week the social media campaign #FBRape was launched to demand that Facebook remove all content on the site that condones rape and violence against women. In a letter to Facebook, the campaign creators Laura Bates, founder of the Everyday Sexism Project, writer and activist Soraya Chemaly, and Jaclyn Friedman from the nonprofit Women, Action […]

HTC’s Facebook Phone Flops, AT&T to Pull the Plug?


Facebook’s entry into the mobile phone market with the HTC First has turned out to be a colossal flop. It’s such a failure that even after AT&T dropped the price by 99 percent to just 99 cents last week, it may still not have been enough to save the social media giant’s debut smartphone. Barely […]

Facebook is Sucking With Teens … What the Kids Really Want is … 4chan?


Facebook needs Doc Brown and his time machine, because their future might just be in trouble. While the social media company still ranks number one with teens (33 percent of them reported it was their primary go-to site), Facebook is dropping from its stranglehold on social media of just a couple years ago. While it […]

‘Airplane’: New Ad For ‘Facebook Home’ Sucks Worse Than ‘Chairs’ [VIDEO]


    A swing and a miss … Facebook maybe needs to think about changing up its advertising company. The new ad for their “Facebook Home” feature for Android phones is so generically bad, it’s awful. There is no kitsch appeal for this mundane mess of imagery, just cats, drag queens and something about something […]

Facebook Home Android Platform Replaces Home Screens With Status Updates


Even though Facebook won’t be producing its own phones anytime soon, founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a series of apps for the Android called Facebook Home that will make the social networking site front and center on home screens. In his introduction of the new platform, Zuckerberg said: “Today, our phones are designed around […]

Facebook Introduces Facebook Home Feature For Androids


Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announces Facebook’s newest feature for Androids called Facebook Home at a live press conference in the live stream above.

Facebook Phone May Debut At Thursday Press Conference


Whenever Mark Zuckerberg announces a press conference, you know that something big is on the horizon for Facebook. This time, he’s inviting the media to “Come See Our New Home on Android” at Facebook headquarters on April 4. Even though Facebook has been mum on what the press conference is about besides their name-dropping Android, […]

Change Your Facebook Profile Pic To A Red Equals Sign in Support of Gay Marriage Today


Holy Facebook trends, internet! So it turns out that isn’t a virus infecting people’s Facebook profile pics, but rather an “equals” sign in support of gay marriage. The Supreme Court is weighing in this week on two landmark cases concerning equal rights for homosexuals, and as such, the social media world has responded in kind. […]

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