Olympic Swimmers in “Hot Water” Thanks to Guns and Social Media


According to the Sydney Morning Herald, two Australian swimmers for the Olympic team of 2012 are in hot water (yes, pun intended) after posing for photos with guns and sharing them on their social media sites. After being forced to remove the allegedly compromising photos from Facebook and Twitter, athletes Nick D’Arcy and Kenrick Monk […]

5-Step Plan to App Guided Summer Fun


Summer is un-officially upon us, which means the warm weather and longer days might actually make all you tech savvy(or obsessed) readers venture out of your “home office” to enjoy it. We think that taking a much needed break from your daily routine of uploading videos, trolling vlogs and lurking Facebook friends is a great […]

Facebook Will be Dead by 2020?


The fall of Rome; the dissolution of the Mongol Empire; the death of Facebook? Okay, so Facebook isn’t so much a glorious empire as it is Satan’s ploy to screw civilization over, but that still doesn’t mean it won’t succumb to the fate that all great empires do. If you can’t remember what it was […]

Zombies Are Dying to Eat Your Braaaiiinnns on Social Media


Newscaster: Reports, incredible as they may seem, are not the results of mass hysteria. Harry Cooper: “Mass hysteria?” What do they think; we’re imagining all this? Ben: Shut up! So goes a scene from George A. Romero’s seminal zombie film, “Night of the Living Dead,” released in 1968. That the zombie apocalypse hysteria that currently […]

Is K-Pop Ruling the World Through Social Media?


K-pop continues its push for worldwide dominance with the success of the Wonder Girls’ music video for “Like This,” the first single off of their June 4th-released album, “Wonder Party.” The girl group’s video for the track had already garnered over 1 million views on YouTube a day after its premiere while also reaching #22 […]

New Study Reveals The Three C’s of Social TV Viewing


Global media conglomerate Viacom Inc., the parent company of networks like MTV, BET, Nickelodeon, and Comedy Central, has just released a study that explores television viewers’ social viewing experiences. Viacom has described the shift in TV viewing as moving from a “lean-back to a lean-forward experience,” and their study sought to understand the components that […]

Twitter Announces Tailored “Who to Follow” Feature


Not to be outdone by Facebook’s IPO news, Twitter announced yesterday that they will be experimenting with a new feature that offers users a tailored list of whom to follow. On second thought, they were outdone by Facebook’s IPO news. Notice how when you first signed up to Twitter, they recommended that you follow Justin […]

How To Improve Engagement on Your Facebook Brand Page


Have a fan or brand page on Facebook but not getting the engagement you were wishing for? Well, tough luck because your brand probably sucks, is what an unhelpful jerk would say, but luckily for you I’m not totally unhelpful. Read on for insightful advice from the folks at Facebook (sorta), and then Wildfire Interactive […]

After School Special: Facebook Could Be Terrible For Kids


Move over Coca-Cola, MTV, and Ecstasy, there is a new trend exploiting the youth of America. It’s called social media. In a Huffington Post article, Jim Steyer, founder of Common Sense Media wrote that, “The average child spends more time today with media than they do in school or with their family.” Steyer’s company, Common […]

Facebook Lets You Share Files–If You Dare


For new media artists and regular users alike, Facebook is slowly becoming a one-stop shop for everything social media. Now, for groups in the meantime, you can share files between members through a new Facebook feature that is slightly similar to file-sharing portals like Google Drive (previously Google Docs) and Dropbox. Here are two major […]

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