5 Ways Every YouTube Creator Should Interact With Their Fans


Producing content on YouTube is more than just filming your latest vlog and racking up thousands of hits; it’s also about understanding your audience. The best way to get your audience’s two cents on your work is by reading their comments on your videos, Facebook or Twitter. If you want to be oblivious to what […]

NMR Exclusive: Tweak Footwear | Shoes Created By Social Media


Minutes from the beach, in a nondescript storefront in a busy small town, three guys are planning the latest release of a new shoe. I recently spoke to the Tweak Footwear team: Andrew Long, James Hotson and Chris Powell. The Hermosa Beach, California-based company stands out from others in its field; while other designers keep […]

How To Keep Your Fans Glued on Social Media


A recent survey indicated that from the social media networks out there, Facebook has the average user hooked for 405 minutes in January while newbie Google+ had a mere 3 minutes per visitor. Although the numbers for Google+ are a disappointment, the fact that Facebook users on average spend nearly 7 hours a month total […]

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