Reddit Disgusted By Fat Mannequins, MMT


Some columnists and media commentators will make you dig through overly wordy “think pieces” to find out their opinion on the news. Not me: I love that Reddit doesn’t like fat mannequins. The term “self-loathing” comes to mind.A post was made on Reddit recently depicting a photo of a new “fat” style of mannequin being […]

Baker’s Dozen: 12 Meanest Tweets on ‘Fat’ Christina Aguilera from the American Music Awards


Because people who spend their Sunday nights tweeting about celebrities at entertainment events aren’t fat, Christina Aguilera was widely deemed “fat” last night at the American Music Awards by that not-fat contingent of the Twitterverse. But look, Christina doesn’t give a fuck. She wore an overly tight, skin-baring outfit that looks like it was fished […]

Cannonball On Ice: Two Videos of Infinite Fail


“Going viral” is one of the great mysteries of life. To ask what makes a video go viral is akin to asking “Why do fainting goats faint?” or “Why is Howie Mandelpopular?” There is no answer (none that I’ll accept as “science” anyway), and if there was, everyone would be doing it … going viral, […]

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