Multi-Channel YouTube Foodie Network Tastemade Gets $10 Million in New Funding


Tastemade, the multi-channel YouTube network dedicated to food, has received an additional $10 million in additional venture capital funding from The Raine Group to expand its reach as well as explore new platforms to where creators can make their videos. According to TechCrunch, the multi-channel network has more than 12 million unique visitors and more […]

YouTube Gift Guide: 4 Gifts For That Foodie In Your Life


It seems like the aspiring foodies on YouTube know their stuff, which makes it harder for the culinary illiterate folk to figure out what to buy them for Christmas. Sometimes the foodie doesn’t get the temperature right or they’re looking for epic recipes for the company party. Here are four gifts that won’t break the […]

7 YouTube Videos to Help Make Your Thanksgiving Feast Delicious


Making a Thanksgiving meal isn’t easy, especially if you’ve got Nicole Westbrook’s “It’s Thanksgiving” stuck in your head. But for every awful Thanksgiving song, there are are seven interesting YouTube recipes. Check these videos out if you don’t want your Thanksgiving meal to become an epic fail.   Making The Ultimate Bird–Turducken   Alton Brown […]

The Aporkalypse: Internet Going Mad Over Impending Bacon Shortage


Need proof that God is dead? Look no further than the Twitterverse, which is exploding today with the recent announcement that there will soon be an extreme shortage of the Internet’s favorite food: bacon. They’re calling it “The Aporkalypse.” Confirmed by the National Pig Association, a Britain-based pork industry group, “a world shortage of pork […]

6 YouTube Videos That Will Make You Question The Way You Eat


We go through our lives eating (at least I hope everyone does) all kinds of foods.It can be as simple as a hamburger at McDonalds or a lavish dining experience at The Providence in Los Angeles. But what if I told you that you might be eating certain foods improperly? I’m not talking about the complicated […]

3 Reasons Why We Photograph Our Food


Are you eating slop again at work today? Yup, it’s just another Monday. It can’t compare to that fancy steak meal at that “fusion bistro” restaurant you had over the weekend. Did you remember to take a picture? Oooh and you’re struggling to visually remember it. I can speak for myself and say that once […]

YouTube’s FoodForLouis Considers Everything Food

Screenshot -FoodForLouis- YouTube2

If you couldn’t stomach the live bugs and repulsive animal parts that contestants on NBC’s “Fear Factor” were challenged with eating in their ‘second stunt,’ you’ll have to shut your eyes for this one. YouTube star, Louis (@FoodForLouis) has created a channel dedicated to showcasing himself eating things that many of us wouldn’t even consider […]

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