3 Things Video Content Creators Must Know When Filming In Public


We showed you some videos this week of a man going around Seattle annoying the hell out of residents by filming them without their consent. Although the unknown filmmaker may have incurred the wrath of security guards, Chinese gamblers and a Scientologist, he was largely within his rights to do his filming because he did […]

Invisible Children Asks Us to Raise Our Voices … Then Disables YouTube Comments


While watching “Move,” Invisible Children’s follow-up to the massively successful “Kony 2012,” something struck me as being slightly unusual. As most of us do when watching from YouTube, I scrolled down to the video’s comments hoping to see the Internet public’s “informed” anonymous reactions to this controversial new release. With the breakout success of “Kony […]

Should Facebook ‘Likes’ Be Protected as Free Speech?


Facebook wants you to “like” what they’re doing in the battle for free speech; they believe that “likes” should be protected under the 1st Amendment. The social media networking site, along with the American Civil Liberties Union, filed an amicus brief supporting fired employees of the Hampton Virginia Sheriff’s Office this week with the 4th […]

New York Law to Silence Anonymous Commenting


New York State legislature has been handed a bill that would ban anonymous commenting online, in an effort to prevent cyber bullying. The legislation would require that all New York based online publications delete comments where the commenter did not post with a user name. It would also require the website to have a  phone […]

Is A Facebook “Like” Free Speech?


Depending on your opinion, you are probably going to “dislike” what you’re about to read (If they only had those buttons—but that’s a different story for a different day). Last week, a judge in Virginia ruled that a public employee’s like of a political opponent that resulted in his firing did not fall under protected […]

Internet Freedom: The Problem With Censorship

Electronic Frontiers Australia held the “War on the Internet” event in Melbourne Saturday, focusing around the recent events concerning the protection of digital free speech and the continuing struggle for a more defined Internet policing structure. This last year the World Communication Network helped overthrow dictators and organize movements both at home and abroad. Foreign […]

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