‘Tumblr’ Music Video from College Humor is Viral, Funny, Useful [VIDEO]


    College Humor has stumbled across the magic formula for making viral videos: take one social media medium and just sing the hell out about its most cliche elements. The result is delightful. In this instance, Tumblr gets the lyrical deconstructing in this sort of show tunes ode to all things bullshit Tumblr accounts. […]

‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ Theme Song Gets Filtered Through 64 Languages [VIDEO]


Have you ever wondered how accurate those online language translators are? Well, in a win for everyone, the YouTube channel CDZA has used the world’s best song to find out. Filtering the lyrics of the theme song to “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” through Google translator — first into Mandarin Chinese, and then ultimately […]

Smosh Visits Ray William Johnson For A YouTube SUPERVIDEO [VIDEO]


It’s good to see competitive people can still be friendly. Smosh, the newly minted number one most-subscribed creators on YouTube, and Ray William Johnson, the former number one — now strong number two (teehee) — have teamed up to make a video for Johnson’s EQUALS 3 channel. And each camp lets the other know just […]

‘Blame Jay Cutler’ Hashtag Captivates Twitter — Is QB To Blame For Holocaust?


I’m going to go out on a limb here: I like Jay Cutler. I think that the world is too mean to him — sure he comes off like a spoiled, effete little douchebag who pouts and seems to spend most of his time being injured, but so what? We all have bad decades. For me, it […]

5 Possible Announcements From Facebook’s ‘Mysterious’ Meeting


So Facebook has announced that they will be having a “big reveal” meeting next week, and already the industry wonks have their tongues wagging as to what this mysterious announcement could be. Is it a smartphone? Is it a foray into the search engine or online music businesses? Is it an expansion of their new […]

Mom Takes Heat After Posting YouTube Video of Her Tormenting Her Son [VIDEO]


So it turns out there are a lot of whiny assholes out there (more than just the ones who comment on my columns even).Paula Papen uploaded a video to YouTube in which she tricks her 8-year-old son Kenyon (look at how long her hair is; she totally gives off the vibe that she’d have an […]

3rd Screaming Sheep Video Isn’t Quite As Dynamic As First Two, Still Gold [VIDEO]

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 3.23.44 PM

Any day I get to write about “screaming sheep” is a day to write home about. While the original “screaming sheep” video is vastly superior, this third iteration is still a delightful romp through a whimsical world where animals don’t bleat, or bark, or moo — they scream. Terrible ululations emit from these beasts of […]

Reddit CEO Guilty of Reading, Posting Arch-Nemesis 9gag’s Content


Reddit CEO Yishan Wong has committed an unpardonable forum sin — he touted the competition. In a move that has left the posters of Reddit rabidly discussing various aspects of “The Lion King” (don’t ask, it’s Reddit), Wong, the relatively new CEO of the opinionated social media forum posted what he thought was an acceptable […]

The 5 Best Reddit Posts of 2012


As the final days of 2012 tick off the calendar, the fine folks over at Reddit are having their annual “Best of Reddit” posting, where all the neckbeards, trolls and internet elite try to decide which posts over the past year have been the best (although they’re changing it up a bit this year by […]

‘D&D Doings’ Commercial Goes Hillbilly Viral [VIDEO]


Sometimes in the course of highlighting a viral video, I check out some of the uploader’s other videos to get a fuller perspective of their oeuvre. Sometimes I don’t and I look like a fool. This time, I did. Paul Baird, the scruffy long-hair in this D&D Doings Commercial is a certain type of dude. […]

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