A Year of ‘Gangnam Style’ — A Timeline of the Highs & Lows of A Viral YouTube Super-Song


When “Gangnam Style” came out a year ago, right away there was something different about it — a buzz not seen in quite some time. People were doing the peculiar horse dance and everybody was texting to ask if I had seen that “Korean video.” Mind you, I had not started working at NMR yet, […]

3 Ways ‘Gangnam Style’ Has Changed YouTube Culture Forever In Only a Year


Since Psy’s “Gangnam Style” went live on YouTube a year ago today, the music video has not only has become the most viewed video on YouTube ever but has also changed the way the world looks at YouTube. K-pop is seeing its popularity grow worldwide on YouTube thanks to “Gangnam Style,” and the mainstream media […]

Happy 1st Birthday, ‘Gangnam Style’! You’ve Increased Global K-Pop Awareness


A year ago today, “Gangnam Style” was born. It is to date the most-viewed YouTube video of all time and has spawned, for better and for worse, thousands of parodies both online and off. While the echoes of Psy and “Gangnam Style” have reverberated throughout popular culture, the South Korean singer’s biggest impact has been […]

Psy Hits 3 Billion Views on YouTube — Let’s Celebrate With 5 Amazing ‘Gangnam Style’ Moments


Remember Psy? The South Korean pop phenomenon who quite literally broke the internet with the infectiously catchy “Gangnam Style?” Of course you do; if “Gangnam Style” was John Lennon, it probably would have claimed to be more popular than Jesus, which may be true at this point. Psy just hit a another YouTube milestone this […]

YouTube Turns 8: Eight Pivotal Moments That Shaped The Video Sharing Platform


For better or for worse, YouTube has forever altered the way we consume media across the globe. From pole to pole, people around the world are watching and interacting with this new form of crowdsourced media. YouTube, in its eight years of life, has given the public complete control of the content they create and […]

UPDATED: PSY Releases New Music Video ‘Gentleman’ at YouTube Concert


[UPDATE 4/13/13 11:57am PST] Check out PSY’s newest single below! If you thought you’ve heard the last of Psy, the powder blue tuxedo-wearing K-pop superstar responsible for the biggest viral hit in YouTube history, think again. Months after his “Gangnam Style” video became the first YouTube video ever to reach more than a billion views, […]

‘Harlem Shake’ and ‘Gangnam Style’ Dance-off on Facebook Ruined by Thor. Of Course. [VIDEO]

Screen shot 2013-02-28 at 9.52.32 AM

    Once more unto the breach, dear friends … In what was just far too obvious a pun to resist, someone had to finally make a “Harlem Shake” video to “rule them all.” Smashing every aspect of the meme together, a group of “Harlem Shake-ers” are beset upon by some “Gangnam Style” trolls. And, […]

Is ‘Harlem Shake’ 2013′s ‘Gangnam Style’? [VIDEO]


  Sometimes when a YouTube video, as the Huffington Post puts it, goes “hella viral,” it feels like the internet is playing an elaborate joke on itself that becomes so meta no one even knows if it is a gag anymore. Case in point, “Harlem Shake,” or more specifically “Harlem Shake” videos. Here’s how it […]

PSY Earns $1 Mil for Single Event, Makes More Money Than Bieber


How much would it cost to get YouTube global sensation PSY to perform at your party? According to Malaysia’s ABN News, he is reportedly charging a minimum of $1 million. It’s the price the ruling Malaysian political coalition Barisan Nasional is paying the K-pop star to appear at their annual Chinese New Year event next […]

YouTube Removes Over 11 Million Views From ‘Gangnam Style’ Singer PSY’s Channel


YouTube is on a warpath as of late. The Google-owned video site has been ruthless in their recent “de-spamming” initiative, stripping millions of views from YouTube channels, chief among them the joint channels of Sony, Universal and RCA. Combined, the music channels lost over 2 billion views after YouTube removed millions of views from their […]

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