Google Analytics Users Get Views From The International Space Station


Google Analytics users got an unusual Easter surprise Sunday when they found out that they were getting activity from one of the coolest places outside of Earth — the International Space Station. Each Analytics user received a message with a large orange dot stating that they had activity from 41 users at the International Space […]

What Google’s Updated Search Ranking Algorithm Means For YouTube Creators


Google’s new algorithm methods will mean a dynamic change in how websites are ranked and will likely incite vigorous and sometimes nasty competition amongst the millions of websites featured on the search engine site. This is the company’s latest effort to combat online piracy and make Google a place where users can find established, legitimate […]

New Study Ranks Google as #1 Online Stalker


It is no surprise that Google analytics is number one, considering that it is one of the most used traffic tracking devices; used primarily because it is free and highly effective. According to the Evidon study that monitored the traffic of 1.6 million users, 70% of websites use the popular monitoring tool. Analytics is generally […]

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