Gotta Catch Them All: Google Maps & Pokémon Team Up To Offer Dream Job at Google [RULES INSIDE]

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this was how you got jobs in life? It wouldn’t be about money or connections or the school on your diploma, but experience culled from the stuff that mattered — like Pokémon. It actually might just be that way after all. As this awesome YouTube video explains, Google Maps and […]

Google to Perform ‘Random Audits’ For ‘View Authentication’ on YouTube


According to Google’s blog, they have designs on doing routine random audits on YouTube channels to validate view claims. In the past, it came as the result of complaints made, but now the company looks to take a more proactive stance when it comes to not only authenticating views but making sure no one is […]

Google Now Set to Blackmail You If You Don’t Use Google+ [VIDEO]

google blackmail

Google’s done everything they possibly could to get more people on Google+, but needless to say, none of it’s worked. Most recently, they made signing on to their social media platform a requirement to comment on YouTube videos, which ended up just making Google+ even less palatable to potential users — there’s nothing less cool […]

YouTube Co-Founder: ‘Why the F*ck Do I Need a Google+ Account to Comment’


In covering YouTube’s new comment system changes, we wrote recently,  “Trolls are an inevitability though …” A reader then posted the comment: “This article must be written by a Google schill [sic].” Eerie. Well, a very expected Google “schill,” in the form of YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim (or someone in control of his account), posted his very […]

Google Accused By Government Officials Of Profiting From YouTube Content Promoting Painkiller Trafficking


Google is getting into the illegal painkiller business. Okay, not really, but two state attorneys are claiming that the web giant is actively profiting from YouTube videos that promote illegal activity. In a letter issued by Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning and Scott Pruitt, attorney general of Oklahoma, they write: “… we were disappointed to […]

Major YouTube Content Provider Claims Google Is Screwing Creators — Is He Right?


If you spend enough time working in or reporting on the YouTube ecosystem, you’ll begin to notice a certain level of fear creators and media providers reserve for their dealings with Google. The idea is this: Google controls pretty much everything of importance for creators including YouTube and general web search results. Play with Google’s […]

Microsoft Releases Minor Update To YouTube App After Legal Threats From Google


It came out in the news yesterday that Microsoft, not wanting to give into Google’s legal threats, was unwilling to remove the YouTube application from the Windows Phones Store. The application, which had pre-roll ads removed and gave users the ability to download videos, allegedly violated Google’s terms of service. Google sent Microsoft a cease […]

Microsoft Claims Google Refused To Help Them Develop Windows YouTube App


It’s always fun when two tech giants slug it out, and Google and Microsoft are putting on quite a show. Google sent Microsoft a cease and desist letter recently that demanded the software company remove their YouTube application from the Windows Phones Store. The app in question is currently stripped of all ads and allows […]

YouTube Has Displaced Television, Google Executive Chairman Tells Advertisers


Will YouTube displace television in the future? Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said, “That’s already happened.” The Associated Press reported that the Google head, which oversees YouTube, made the bold statement during YouTube’s presentation to advertisers at the Digital Content NewFronts in New York Wednesday night, which also featured performances by Felicia Day, Snoop Dogg […]

‘Google Glass’ Video Gives First Look At Functions Of Reality-Altering Glasses


  Got $1500 to spare? Well I’ve got the perfect investment for you! No I’m not talking about starting our own pot dealing ring, though if my rent continues to go up I might take you up on that, but rather Google Glass, a reality-altering pair of glasses that will transform you from a mere […]

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