LIVE NOW: President Obama Hosts Post-State of the Union Fireside Google+ Hangout


[Update 2/14/13 1:55 p.m. PST] Watch the event below! If you’ve got a question about the president’s upcoming State of the Union address, you can make your voice heard on Thursday when he hosts his second post-speech question and answer session during the White House’s Fireside Hangouts on Google+ at 4:50 p.m. ET/1:50 p.m. PT. […]

Google Removes Racist ‘Make Me Asian’ App From Play Store


In what has to be the least surprising news coming down the pipeline, Google has removed the app “Make Me Asian” from its Play store after complaints that the app is racist. Me no rikee! Hmm, perhaps making racist jokes in an article about racial activism is not a good career move … The app, […]

Justin Bieber Passes Lady Gaga To Become #1 Most Followed On Twitter


In the land of the blind, the man with one eye is king. In the land of Twitter, the crown now belongs to Justin Bieber. Jesus, how bout that opener? it seems like the tagline for a bad movie. So, yeah, Biebs is now number one in the micro-blogging game, having just surpassed Lady Gaga […]

Microsoft, Google Fight Over YouTube App For Windows Phone


I love it when big tech fights. In a relationship more acrimonious than peanut butter & jelly (jelly fucking HATES peanut butter), Google and Microsoft have been sparring over Google’s apparent refusal to let Microsoft use YouTube for their Windows phone. Microsoft fussy that someone is interfering with their business? How ironic. Apparently the two […]

An Ode to the 10 Most Influential Faces of Google+ — Now in Poem Form! [INFOGRAPHIC]


 “This world is a dark place” Maybe some might fuss But then they don’t subscribe To one Google+ Where celebrities of all kinds Gather to be Ranked and judged And followed, you see. But there’s something mysterious Going on over there, Take a look at their top ten And tell me you care? Gaga has […]

Google+ Begins Displaying Public YouTube Videos On Connected Users’ Profiles


YouTube creators: Remember that Google+ profile you started a year ago? Well, it’s time to dust off the old fella because it looks like Google is assimilating YouTube features further into Google+. Perhaps hoping to breathe some new life into Google+, public YouTube videos will now be highlighted in users’ Google+ profiles. This means, if […]

YouTube’s Next ‘How-To Guru’ Contest is Giving Out $4,000 in Prizes


Hey you! Are you tired of being a dickhead? For those of you who indignantly answered, “Hey, I’m not a dickhead!” Good. You have self esteem, and you might be just who YouTube is looking for in their new contest. For those of you who answered “Yes” to that previous question, also good work. You’ve […]

What Kim Kardashian & Other Top Yahoo Searches of 2012 Say About Us


Good news, people! It’s finally almost here! No, not Hanukkah, dumbass, it’s the annual releasing of the top search engine searches of the year! Yahoo was first out of the gate, displaying its tabulations on the top searches earlier this week. Now we’re waiting to see what Google, Dogpile, Lycos, Ask and (chuckle) Bing have […]

YouTube Set For Scheduled Maintenance Tomorrow — Some Important Features Will Not Be Available


YouTube has a scheduled maintenance tomorrow today (Monday December 3, 2012) at 7 p.m. PST. During this time, certain features on YouTube will be going in read-only mode and will be unavailable or a few hours according to the YTCreators Twitter account. According to Google support, the features that will be unavailable during maintenance will be: […]

Tumblr’s Top Ten Ranking is Bullshit — Here’s Why:


Tumblr, after just five years in the game, has announced their top ten ranking among U.S. websites. If accurate, that puts it ahead of the Huffington Post. “If accurate” is a pretty big conditional clause though.26-year-old CEO David Karp (and to think I used to get annoyed when playmates were younger than me) announced the […]

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