Jenna Marbles Lost Her Relationship Over BradtheLadLong — See If He’s Worth It [INTERVIEW]


How sweet is drama when you aren’t a part of it?The ability to just sit back and enjoy watching other people’s lives unravel is truly what separates us from the apes. That and their occasional proclivity to eat out of their own butts. No, wait … just the first thing.So Jenna Marbles ended up losing […]

Gabriel Iglesias Speaks Out On Ray William Johnson & Maker Controversy In Latest YouTube Video


Comedian Gabriel Iglesias has sounded off on the Ray William Johnson vs. Maker Studios feud in his latest video for his web series “Damn TV with Gabriel Iglesias.” In the closing scenes of his video before the credits, Iglesias acknowledged that his first season was “a lot of fun” and said: “I’m going to take […]

Jenna Marbles Dumped Over Vicious Video Comment?! [RUMOR]


YouTubers fighting is my bread and butter, and as far as breakups go, this one is a doozy! Jeffrey K. here with a delicious dish of ish that should make your holiday wish list. Check it: the longtime blonde queen of the online video scene, one Jenna Marbles, is having a true blue December after […]

Sex+ Takes On Jenna Marbles Over Sluts — Hell Yeah, I Got To Write That


This might shock you some, but I am actually sort of a feminist. I firmly maintain that women are equal to men. I hate that society makes them wear tops at the beach, I hate that women getting cosmetic surgery to look like Barbie dolls is frowned upon by other women too jealous to put […]

BREAKING: Maker Studios CEO Sends Company-Wide Letter Addressing Ray William Johnson Allegations

Screen Shot 2012-12-12 at 4.32.49 PM

EDITORS NOTE: NMR has gotten a hold of the company-wide letter sent by Danny Zappin to all affiliates of Maker Studios addressing Ray William Johnson’s allegations. Follow the rest of the story HERE. Hi All, I felt it was probably a good time to reach out and communicate directly to all of you. It’s been […]

‘I Stand By My Decision, But I Also Accept That Bad Things Are Going To Happen’: RWJ In New Vlog Post


A day after writing an article on NMR blasting Maker Studios for, among other things, taking his AdSense account hostage, Ray William Johnson and his girlfriend Anna Akana posted a vlog on their Runaway Planet channel that shows a more emotional side from the reclusive YouTube star. The roughly five-minute video goes behind the scenes […]

Shay Carl, Philip DeFranco and Kassem G Sound Off On Ray William Johnson Controversy Via Twitter


[Update 12/12/12 12:34 p.m. PST] Other YouTubers are now weighing in on the situation via Twitter: As the NMR exclusive story behind Ray William Johnson’s controversial separation from Maker Studios hit the Twittersphere, YouTubers scrambled to take sides either for or against the popular digital video network. One of those YouTubers defending the network is […]

‘He Has Never Been A Part Of The YouTube Community’: Shay Carl Responds To RWJ’s Allegations Against Maker Studios


As news of Ray William Johnson’s feud with Maker Studios over the creator’s Adsense account broke this morning, the number one pro-Maker voice people wanted to hear from was that of Shay Carl. As an original founder of Maker Studios and influential veteran YouTube creator, Shay Carl has become a beacon for people hoping to […]

Ray William Johnson: Why I Left Maker Studios [EXCLUSIVE]


[UPDATE 12/12/2012 4:45 p.m. PST] NMR has gotten a hold of the company-wide letter sent by Danny Zappin addressing Ray William Johnson’s Allegations. You can find it HERE [UPDATE 12/11/2012 4:00 p.m. PST] Shay Carl has responded to Ray’s post with his side of the story in a YouTube video: Editors Note: All images that Ray […]

[UPDATED] YouTube News: Ray William Johnson Leaves Maker Studios (RWJ Final Response)


We’ll update this post as this story develops. Until then follow us on Twitter & Facebook for live upates! [UPDATE 11/24/2012 3:34 p.m. PT] Ray took to Facebook earlier today to make it abundantly clear that things are over between him and Maker Studios: [UPDATE 10/20/2012 1:33 p.m. PT] A very reputable source has told NMR that Ray […]

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