Author/Creator John Green On Subbable And The Future Of YouTube Advertising [INTERVIEW]


It should be said from the start that Subbable is not a YouTube competitor. And while it may share similarities to crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, Subbable creators John and Hank Green seem focused on more than pledges and fundraising. “Advertisers just want the most views, not the most engaged views. We fear this […]

VlogBrothers’ Hank Green Asks YouTube To ‘Get Out Of The Way’ In Latest Pro-Creator Video Upload


As one half of The Vlogbrothers, co-creator of VidCon and overall internet tastemaker, when Hank Green speaks, people listen. In the past, Green has been vocal about his thoughts on the YouTube ecosystem, breaching topics like multi-channel networks and content curation. While the majority of the time Green seems to give off positive feelings about […]

Hank Green Gives The Best Advice You’ll Ever Hear About Signing To A Network [VIDEO]


I think it’s safe to say that Vlog Brothers Hank and John Green are much smarter than most of us. Between writing New York Times best-selling novels, starting the largest YouTube convention in the world and co-creating “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries,” the Greens have life on lock. To add to their list of accolades, in […]

Hank Green Shares Lessons Learned From Being An Original Content Funding Recipient


More than a year ago, Google invested $300 million into original content on YouTube and the mainstream presses went wild. So did the YouTube community, too, with many either freaking out at the growing corporate atmosphere or rolling their eyes at what many saw as a misguided attempt at producing content online. Earlier this week, […]

LIVE NOW: ‘John and Hank Green: An Evening of Awesome’ Sells Out Carnegie Hall


[UPDATE] Watch the event live below! In the world of fraternal excellence, no two brothers are dominating more than Hank and John Green (a week ago I would have said Peyton and Eli Manning, but, well, you know how the playoffs went). On the heels of a wildly successful round of fundraising for their charity […]

Hank Green Stops By To Talk About Raising $483k During Project For Awesome [INTERVIEW]


The Internet trends of 2012, for the most part, were either magical combinations of animal and food (see putting slices of bread on cat’s heads) or the result of drunken frat house brainstorming (see planking, milking and Tebowing). Although most of 2012’s trends were a great distraction from the reality of our soul-crushing existences, their […]

Project For Awesome 2012: YouTube Community Unites For Charity


As one the biggest and most public feuds among the YouTube community cools to a simmer, it’s a good time to remember that this industry wasn’t always about cashing in. In its origins, YouTube was a community of young creators who wanted to make funny or poignant videos and share them with the world. It […]

UPDATED: Creators Tell NMR What They Think About the New YouTube Layout [EXCLUSIVE]


After quietly rolling out their new layout to a select few, YouTube finally launched their new interface yesterday. The YouTube Creator Blog says that the new design will help creators “build a bigger, more connected audience by improving new channel discovery, simplifying subscriptions, and keeping [their] fans plugged in and aware of [their] new videos no matter […]

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