Yahoo In Talks To Buy Hulu, Expand Its Online Video Presence


Much discussion has followed video streaming site Hulu after their longtime CEO Jason Kilar stepped down earlier this year. The site, a joint venture of Comcast, The Walt Disney Company and Fox, features a wide selection of movies and television shows as well as its own original content. The trio have been trying to look […]

MTV’s ‘Status Updates’ Cast on Acting in a Transmedia Show & Social Media’s Impact on Their Relationships [INTERVIEW]


When it comes to dating, the world of social media can act more as an enemy than a friend. We obsess about our ex-partners’ Facebooks, worry about what our profile pictures convey and make a grand show out of declaring our relationship statuses. And with humor and relatability, the new MTV transmedia show “Status Updates” […]

Kurosawa Films Free this Weekend Only, From Hulu, Criterion


Free samurai alert! I’m a damn Akira Kurosawa nut and if you like films even a little bit, you should be too. He pretty much inspired every modern filmmaker working today. His seminal classics “Yojimbo,” “Seven Samurai” and “Rashomon” have been remade several times (into less quality movies, but still), and even his “lesser films,” […]

Amazon Slaps Netflix, Hulu With Metaphorical Glove, Gains Exclusive Rights To ‘Downton Abbey’


When British period drama “Downton Abbey” hit U.S. shores back in January 2011, it debuted on PBS as part of the channel’s “Masterpiece Classic” anthology. The show’s popularity spread like wildfire and would later win a Golden Globe and a Primetime Emmy. In it’s third season, the ITV British import is currently streaming on Netflix, […]

YouTube Moves Closer To Launching Paid Subscriptions Priced At $1 To $5 Monthly


According to an AdAge article released today, YouTube is moving closer to unveiling paid subscriptions as part of their pay-to-view service. Back in October, YouTube’s VP and global head for content spoke at a media summit in Abu Dhabi teasing the idea of paid subscriptions saying, “You will see us offer an option to all […]

Netflix, YouTube Team Up On DIAL Smartphone/TV Pairing To Compete With Apple’s AirPlay


Netflix is getting support from the BBC, Hulu, Samsung and Sony in its collaboration with YouTube in creating a network that seamlessly connects mobile and television devices together, according to GigaOm. DIAL — or “discovery and launch” — helps second-screen apps search and launch applications that work on smart televisions or other connected devices like […]

Hulu Plummets In Online Video Rankings — Is The Streaming Site 2013′s Titanic?


Hulu has fallen far. In early 2008 the streaming service was ranked number one on PC World’s Best Product list. During its early years, Hulu was also seen as the next phase in streaming television. It was the answer to the growing concerns that TV executives had about the rising popularity of torrents and the […]

The YouTube TV Network: First Stop Or Final Destination For Creators?


In almost every interview I have done with digital video executives, the topic of conversation always shifts towards online content becoming the next evolution for entertainment. As YouTube launches more premium channels globally this week, countless articles are taking extra care to mention that many television stars are being offered their own channels as producers […]

Hulu Plus To Smell What the Rock is Cookin’ In New Partnership With WWE


Hulu Plus, are you ready to rummmmmbbbbbble? Hulu’s premium site, Hulu Plus, just got hit with the biggest folding chair on the planet. According to the Chicago Tribune, the WWE has just “inked” (their word, not mine  – I just sign shit) a multiyear contract with 1993’s coolest television pastime. As we speak, you can […]

For the First Time Ever, TVs Beat PCs for Watching Online Video


More people are watching streaming video from their game consoles and smart televisions than through their laptop or personal computer, according to a study by the NPD group. The study points out the ever increasing popularity of consoles and televisions that have apps featuring YouTube, Netflix or Amazon Video. NPD reports that 45 percent of […]

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