Does iJustine Really Think the Internet Isn’t Ready For 4K Video? [VIDEO]

ijustine lamarr wilson

iJustine and Lamarr Wilson met up at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to discuss 4K video, the hot new trend in video clarity. The early reports are suggesting that it’s insanely clear — and maybe a little too big. Mashable titles their video, “iJustine: The Internet Isn’t Ready For 4K Video,” but […]

Live Now: iJustine Talks The Secret To YouTube Success With Huffington Post


Internet icon and YouTube powerhouse Justine Ezarik is live now with the Huffington Post. Ezarik, for those unaware, is best known for her various YouTube channels, which she vlogs from under the moniker iJustine. Ezarik will be discussing her career as a creator as well as the secret to YouTube success with Huffington Post Live […]

iJustine, Joey Graceffa, Jim Chapman & Tanya Burr Throw Down On DailyMix Show Filmed At Warner Bros. [VIDEO INTERVIEW]


Beneath the iconic water tower of Warner Brothers studio, YouTubers the likes of Jim Chapman, Tanya Burr, Joey Graceffa, iJustine, Itsmejennae and Allie Evans from Glass Slipper Beauty gathered to film a series of game show videos as part of a collaboration between StyleHaul and DailyMix — a beauty and makeover channel hosted by some […]

iJustine, Harley Morenstein Try Not To Laugh In Latest Fine Bros ‘React’ Video


The Fine Bros are famous for filming people from all walks of life reacting to the silliest or most fascinating videos on YouTube. Recently, the brothers have invited their fellow YouTubers to react to viral videos in their series “YouTubers React.” In one their most challenging “YouTubers React” yet, the Fine Bros filmed other YouTubers’ […]

Top 15 YouTubers Without Makeup Might Shock You [GALLERY]


It is said that only 12 percent of the population are truly strikingly, traffic-stoppingly beautiful. For the rest of us 88 percent, we get a little help from our friends — those friends being CoverGirl, L’Oréal and the bottles of wine we keep in our fridge. While each morning we strive to capture the “I […]

YouTube Superstar iJustine Signs With Mega-Agency UTA


iJustine just signed with the University of Texas at Arlington? That’s what I thought at least when I heard via the Hollywood Reporter that Justine Ezarik had signed with “UTA.” Turns out though that “UTA” also means United Talent Agency — as in the Hollywood talent management company who handles Allison Grodner, Josh Shipp and […]

YouTube Launches New Channel Designs To iJustine, Other Top Content Creators


[Updated 02/14/2013 9:17pm PST] iJustine has released a video giving us a preview of the new YouTube layout. Last week, we reported that YouTube would be revamping its channels pages in the coming weeks. Now, they’ve rolled out the new channel design to a few lucky YouTube creators, including NMR friends iJustine, DeStorm Power, Epic […]

Harry Shum Jr. & iJustine Dance To ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ For Charity [VIDEO]


Director Jon M. Chu of DS2DIO brought Harry Shum and NMR friend iJustine together for their one-minute dance interpretation of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” that went live on YouTube today. What makes this video brighten the holiday spirit even more is that they’re dancing to DMX’s gruff, funny rendition of the Christmas classic. But they’re […]

NMR reacts to ‘Youtuber’s React…’ [VIDEO]


Every so often my job includes watching/reviewing some new web series that makes its debut. Today, I’m all about the new Fine Brothers’ production “YouTubers React …”, now the fourth leg of their popular “React” video series. Technically, they could now turn their “React” stool into a chair. After “Children React,” “Teens React” and “Elders […]

YouTube NextUp 2012 Offers Creators A Chance To Collaborate For $7,000


Hey, all you mad dreamers out there slaving away on your YouTube channels worried that you’re going to die poor and alone! YouTube, through their Nextup contest, wants to help you with both of those concerns! For the 2012 iteration of their annual contest, YouTube wants you to partner up with another creator for a chance […]

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