Gen C Watches YouTube All Day, Every Day on More Than One Screen [INFOGRAPHIC]


Gen C: a generation of narcissistic, entitled, developmentally arrested trophy kids and cloying hipster-derivatives with too much free time on their hands … but that time is spent on YouTube! And smartphones! And computer screens! On Facebook and Twitter! And Justin Bieber! But, Gen C is powerful because they know what they want and their […]

A Look at How ‘Gangnam Style’ Became the First YouTube Video to Reach 1 Billion Views [INFOGRAPHIC]


Here is an earlier gift for you to unwrap, planet Earth. In just over six months, “Gangnam Style” has already reached one billion views. Surpassing music superstars like Justin Bieber and Jennifer Lopez, PSY has become a global YouTube sensation. “Gangnam Style’s” ascent up the most-viewed video charts has shattered previous records set by Justin […]

Infographic: How Did Social Media Impact Charitable Giving In 2012?


The folks at MDG Advertising created this visually impressive and easy-to-read infographic detailing social media’s influence on charitable giving this past year. In the introduction to the infographic, they wrote: “Raising money for good causes has more than doubled in the last 5 years. With the ever-increasing usage of social media and the viral nature […]

How Big Is Machinima?: NMR’s Official Infographic Has The Answer


It’s been a little while since we last put out an infographic. I know what you’re thinking: “You good-for-nothing louts, stop lounging about, and give me more information visualized as a graphic.” Listen, we know how it seems, but there’s an excuse — we swear! We’ve been working on something big, like really big. Launched […]

Internet Skeptic? New Study Says You’re Not Alone [INFOGRAPHIC]


Whenever I was assigned a research paper in college, the syllabus usually stated in bold face type that Internet sources were to be from a reliable source, with relevant dates and accurate information. My first thought was always ”Easier said than done, Teach.” Unfortunately, it can be up to the luck of the draw when […]

VidCon 2012 by the Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC]


The convention that embodies the YouTube community has come and gone but not without leaving insight into the possible future of the annual online video event known as Vidcon. In December 2009, video entrepreneurs Hank and John Green began preparation for the first ever VidCon to be held at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles in July […]

YouTube Creator Calculations [INFOGRAPHIC]


Math. Thats right–math. Here at NMR, our team of dedicated scientists and engineers have developed yet another infographic! They have painstakingly derived multiple formulas from their YouTube studies to ascertain what specifically makes a type of content creator on YouTube. Please enjoy the fruits of their labor.     Illustration By Drew Rueda

The Anatomy of YouTube [INFOGRAPHIC]


Here at NewMediaRockstars, we consider ourselves innovators. day after date, and week after week, we devote every waking moment to understanding the phenomenon that is social media. Sometimes in our quest for knowledge, certain sacrifices must be made. After much research and one death due to over exhaustion, we finally now understand the inner workings the strange beast known as YouTube. Below is […]

Taking More than You Give on Facebook [INFOGRAPHIC]


Remember how I was lambasting our generation for being Facebook narcissists? You must, since that article was wildly, wildly popular. I tell you, that’s the last damn time I mention Jonathan Franzen or the DSM IV in an article on this website. What was I thinking? Anyway, here’s an infographic that one of NMR’s new graphic […]

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