Paw-triotism? ‘Mount Catmore’ Pays Homage to the Internet’s Mightiest Felines [INFOGRAPHIC]


I have a dream that one day, some future astronaut will return from a long space flight only to encounter a fully-realized version of “Mount Catmore.” The battle for Earth is over and the cats have won. Too bad, there’s no one left to open their cans of tuna fish. We at NMR have analyzed […]

Amanda Bynes’, Lets Say, ‘Colorful’ Twitter Quotes – Now In Infographic Form


The Amanda Bynes Twitter show has certainly defined celebrity insanity for the new media era — before Twitter, celebrities used to just cut their hair off, wave guns around in the street or take dumps on people’s lawn (R.I.P. Farrah Fawcett). But now, via social media, a famous person’s illusions, delusions and confusions can be […]

How Much Do YouTubers Make? The Top 25 Earning Creators’ Adsense Salaries Revealed [Infographic]


In recent years, hundreds of YouTubers have earned fame and fortune — million dollar fortunes — solely through their work on their YouTube channels. For those on the outside, it seems so simple: create and upload YouTube videos ranting about life or of pranks being pulled on innocent bystanders, have people tune in to watch […]

Spotify, Pandora or Rdio? A Guide To Finding The Best Online Music Service [INFOGRAPHIC]


When my boss asked me, “Which service is the best for online music?” I had to admit I didn’t know. To be fair, it wasn’t asked so much as a question, but more like a “Jeff, find this out … and put it into a handy chart form.” But, music service-wise, there are what seems […]

The Top 10 Countries in YouTube Viewership Outside the USA [INFOGRAPHIC]


In terms of total viewership on its top 100 channels, the biggest country for YouTube is still far and away the United States. However, YouTube is seeing big gains in viewer and subscriber growth in the rest of the world. YouTube statistics and analytics site ChannelMeter helped us compile a list of the 10 biggest […]

Obituary: R.I.P. “Harlem Shake” — A Look Back at its Life and Times [INFOGRAPHIC]


The funny thing about ghosts is, sometimes they don’t know they’re dead. And if you try and tell these spirits, sometimes they become angry. But, ultimately, it has to be done because this world is for the living. So, let it be said, that on this: the 1st day of March, in the year two […]

NMR’s Official Guide to Internet Holidays [INFOGRAPHIC]


For the longest time, I celebrated “Steak & Blowjob Day” on March 20th. Like an idiot. Clearly the original intent of the holiday was a sort of male “Valentine’s Day.” As such, it makes perfect sense that it should be observed exactly one month after February 14th, not a month and six days later. But […]

Charting The Impact of the Four Biggest Memes of 2012 [INFOGRAPHIC]


“Gangnam Style.” “Kony 2012.” Binders Full of Women. Not Impressed. Those are the four biggest memes of 2012, and we can only hope that 2013 will bring more fascinating and intriguing memes that everyone and their mother will be talking about. The folks at MDG put out this fascinating infographic detailing how the four biggest […]

An Ode to the 10 Most Influential Faces of Google+ — Now in Poem Form! [INFOGRAPHIC]


 “This world is a dark place” Maybe some might fuss But then they don’t subscribe To one Google+ Where celebrities of all kinds Gather to be Ranked and judged And followed, you see. But there’s something mysterious Going on over there, Take a look at their top ten And tell me you care? Gaga has […]

How Much Does It Cost To Create A Web Series? FreddieW explains [INFOGRAPHIC]


If you didn’t know by now, Freddie Wong is a smart dude. His YouTube channels Freddiew and Freddiew2 have established the 27-year-old USC grad as the godfather of VFX on YouTube. Wong also co-created the hit web series “Video Game High School,” which over the course of its nine-episode season received over 27 million views. […]

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