Watch This: Security Camera Montage Highlights Humanity’s Secret Kindness


In the public’s opinion, CCTV  (Closed-circuit television) cameras can sometimes get a bad rap. Some claim that they are an invasion of privacy, that governments are using cameras to slowly turn into something out of George Orwell’s “1984.” On the other hand, many argue that they are a good thing that helps prevent and solve […]

Internet Skeptic? New Study Says You’re Not Alone [INFOGRAPHIC]


Whenever I was assigned a research paper in college, the syllabus usually stated in bold face type that Internet sources were to be from a reliable source, with relevant dates and accurate information. My first thought was always ”Easier said than done, Teach.” Unfortunately, it can be up to the luck of the draw when […]

YouTube’s Facial Recognition a Possible Privacy Killer? [RUMOR]


A recent patent submission by Google has sparked rumors suggesting that facial recognition could be the next step for YouTube. The patent was submitted specifically for a technology that would go beyond facial recognition in photos and allow Google to recognize faces in video stream. Here is the description of exactly how Google plans to […]

New Study Ranks Google as #1 Online Stalker


It is no surprise that Google analytics is number one, considering that it is one of the most used traffic tracking devices; used primarily because it is free and highly effective. According to the Evidon study that monitored the traffic of 1.6 million users, 70% of websites use the popular monitoring tool. Analytics is generally […]

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