‘The Professor’ Tom Leykis on The Decline of Traditional Radio & Why Online Radio Rules [INTERVIEW]


I first started listening to Tom Leykis on Los Angeles radio station KLSX when I was a high school senior after a recommendation from a friend of mine. At first, “The Professor’s” over-the-top, in-your-face commentaries about men in relationships being total “pussies” and his “Leykis 101” lessons for men on how to treat women like […]

Will ‘Disaster Model’ Meme’s Apology Video Spark A Whole New Meme?


From the “Well, that didn’t take long…” department, NMR brings you Nana Gouvêa’s response to becoming globally disliked. Gouvêa, who NMR reported on yesterday as the hottest new meme in town, has today come out with a video response on her YouTube channel regarding all the “free press” she has gotten lately. And apparently she’s […]

Meme Alert: Model is the Photoshopped ‘Angel of Death’ in Disaster Photos [GALLERY]


Brazilian model Nana Gouvêa is on a sinking ship — both literally and figuratively. The sinking ship in the figurative sense might just be the SS Her Career, and the literal ship happens to be the HMS Titanic. It is always interesting to watch the aftermath of an “internet fucking.” Some people survive it and […]

You Missed A Spot: The Best Of Tan Man Meme [Gallery]


Is there anything better than waking up in the morning, having a good cup of coffee, and then turning on the Internet to discover a new meme? If there is, put it in a meme, because that’s the only way I choose to get my news anymore (did you know that penguins are socially awkward?). […]

The Chive, Kim Kardashian Get Pwned By the ‘Ol’ Fake Cripple On Twitter’ Scam


I typically like The Chive. They have a huge support community, they post funny/sexy/random photos, and they all seem like pretty good guys. But recently, they maybe got a little too Jesus-y, and sweet lady fate had to swat their balls. “Dave on Wheels” was one of those Twitter account tropes that seemed a little […]

Coca Cola Strips ‘Winner’ Of His Prize Over Vote Farming Scandal


The Internet needs to find a new way to cheat.A Georgia lawyer refuses to take defeat sitting down after the Coca Cola Company stripped him of his grand prize for defrauding an iced tea sweepstakes. According to him though, he’s done nothing wrong — he was just using the Internet to his advantage. The lawyer, […]

The Aporkalypse: Internet Going Mad Over Impending Bacon Shortage


Need proof that God is dead? Look no further than the Twitterverse, which is exploding today with the recent announcement that there will soon be an extreme shortage of the Internet’s favorite food: bacon. They’re calling it “The Aporkalypse.” Confirmed by the National Pig Association, a Britain-based pork industry group, “a world shortage of pork […]

How Metered Internet Could Throttle Your YouTube Content


As if trying to piss off customers with its high cable prices and increasingly mediocre content wasn’t enough, cable companies are now trying to meter your Internet. Yes, what was once considered a birthright at $29.99 a month is slowly becoming an endangered species. In some places in the United States, unlimited Internet is a […]

Back In My Day: 7 Things Future Generations Won’t See


A refrain often heard echoing through the barrenness of NMR’s content sweatshop begins with “Back in my day…” I can’t help it; after all, this sort of uncommon wisdom and insight simply cannot be wasted. The universe didn’t bless me with astounding intellect and talent so that I could sit back and let the Matt […]

5 Ways The Internet Makes My Day


We know that you’re probably still bummed out from reading my colleague Matt’s piece on how the Internet has ruined his day or Alan’s nail-biting piece on radical animal activists PETA. I feel quite bummed myself (thanks guys!) so I’m trying to think of ways that the Internet is a plus for many of us. […]

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