Google CEO: 40 Percent of YouTube Traffic is Now Mobile, Up From 25 Percent Last Year


Where do you tend to watch your YouTube cat videos? If you’re like many people, you’re watching them around the house and in public while glued to your smartphone or tablet screen. In an earnings call yesterday, Google CEO Larry Page confirmed just that, announcing that 40 percent of YouTube traffic now comes from mobile […]

Thief Who Allegedly Stole Tourist’s iPhone Gets Shamed Via Tumblr


Last month, a tourist and her friends had their personal property stolen in Ibiza, Spain, after a drunken day at the beach. One of the items stolen at the beach was the woman’s iPhone. It would have been an average cautionary tale about keeping your stuff secure at all times, but a series of stupid […]

Got 10,000 iPhone 5s Just Laying Around? The Answer: ‘10,000 iPhone 5 Dominos’ [VIDEO]


Want to get a major corporation like Apple’s attention? A YouTube video featuring 10 thousand iPhones should do the trick. 3D animation firm Aatma Studio created the YouTube video “10,000 iPhone 5 Domino” as a creative way to showcase the iPhone 5’s near field communications (NFC) feature which passes content from one iPhone screen to […]

5 Best FREE Video Editing Apps For Your iPhones and Androids


These days, the basic camera apps included on iPhones and Androids seem like they’re just not enough. If you’ve got a video on your smartphone that you want to share with your friends, but need to add the right finishing touches, many apps that make it easy to add simple things like filters or edit […]

Google’s ‘Send to TV’ Feature Allows You To Connect Your iOS Systems to Your TV


Google announced today that they have created an automatic ‘Send to TV’ feature that will connect your iOS 6 systems to Google+ televisions. This feature will allow users to view videos on their Google television sets that they have uploaded and added using their iPhone, iPad and Ipod Touch. The feature is a part of […]

Twitter Introduces New 6-Second Video-Sharing App Vine To iPhone and iPad Users


For months, Twitter has hinted that they would become a social media hub and eventually enter into the video-sharing business. That moment is finally here. Twitter recently acquired a video-sharing site called Vine and just released a new app of the same name available for iPhones and iPads. On this app, users can shoot and […]

Survey Says Nearly Half of All iPhone Users Have YouTube App


Barely four months after Apple removed the built-in YouTube app in its iOS 6 update, nearly half of iPhone users have downloaded YouTube’s standalone app, according to results released by mobile data company Onavo. In its report, Onavo stated: “When YouTube became available as a free download in the App Store, there was no doubt […]

Mobile YouTube Viewing Will Be King In 2013 — What Does It Mean For Creators?


2012 was a huge year for mobile apps — big shocker, right? Users spent a daily average of 2 hours using apps for Android and iOS devices in 2012. These numbers from analytics company Flurry show a 35% increase in usage from 2011. Among this year’s top apps was YouTube’s revamped application, which recently introduced […]

Woman Tasered For Buying Too Many iPhones: Did She Deserve It? [VIDEO]


Did you know there is an iPhone purchase limit of 2 per customer? I didn’t know that, but I guess the Apple Store policy is in place to prevent roving cabals of smartphone scalpers from cornering the “useful electronics” market. I saw the same thing happen with dishwashers back in the mid-eighties. Of course, everyone […]

YouTube Launches Updated iOS App, Supports iPad & Scales to iPhone 5 Screens


YouTube has released an updated app for the iPhone 5 and the iPad today. This is the first time a version of YouTube’s app will support iPad functionality since it was pulled as one of Apple’s pre-loaded applications. The app features AirPlay streaming, which allows users to wirelessly stream content from iOS devices to HDTVs […]

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