Does Justin Bieber Hate YouTube? Deposition Video Raises That Very Question [VIDEO]


Sorry to make the headline sound all tabloid-y like that, but Justin Bieber makes a very interesting statement during a deposition video obtained by TMZ. Bieber, who was brought in to file an official statement in a lawsuit brought by a paparazzo against one of his bodyguards, appears petulant, smug, and at one point says […]

Justin Bieber Sobriety Test Video From Jail Going Viral Right Now [VIDEO]

Screen shot 2014-02-27 at 6.29.53 PM

In what might be the most boring viral video you ever watch, Justin Bieber paces a thin, white line and then … does it several more times. Sure he’s a little stumbly and uncertain, but I’d trust this guy to haul my kids around in a minivan. I’m not really sure how the people from […]

Animated Justin Bieber Gets Beat By YouTuber Nacho Punch [VIDEO]

Screen shot 2014-01-23 at 5.35.16 PM

Ever wanted to see Justin Bieber get beat up? YouTuber Nacho Punch has taken care of it for you. Of course, the video loses points for being animated, but this way the beating lasts for a full 10 minutes. Each punch does slightly more damage and the whole thing reminds me of a lazy man’s […]

Alleged Prostitute Posts Footage Of Sleeping Justin Bieber to YouTube [VIDEO]


Muy Caliente!!! So the Justin Bieber trainwreck continues as apparently this alleged Brazilian prostitute took footage of a sleeping Justin Bieber shirtless in a hotel room and posted it to la internet (la iñternete?). Wow. Amidst all the stories about the YouTube star turned pop sensation, this footage seems like pretty damnable, image-hurting evidence of […]

Justin Bieber Accused Of Being High In Instagram Video, Sadness Invades Teenage Hearts Worldwide


Biebs, what are you doing with your life? Justin Bieber (you may have heard of him), released his first Instagram video yesterday and — you may be shocked to discover — people are accusing the young singer of being high on marijuana cigarettes. TMZ released the Instagram video with the title: “Justin Bieber — High? Or […]

A YouTube Musician Or A Musician On YouTube? [GUEST POST]


Once a YouTuber, always a YouTuber. Although some stars, like the creators of Fred and Annoying Orange, have managed to break through into film and television, they’ll forever be remembered for their online antics first and foremost. It seems as though anyone who makes their living and gains their popularity off the site is destined […]

#Bieber4Jail: 4chan’s Twitter Prank Reveals A Prime Example of Weak Reporting


I’m a big believer in sensationalist news first, hard facts later (which is admittedly not the most responsible way to operate), but this new “news story” first reported by the Daily Dot, smacks of William Randolph Hearst’s “You provide the pictures, I’ll provide the war.”I was researching a different story when I popped onto 4chan’s […]

Justin Bieber SuperMeltdown Continues — Threatens London Paparazzi [VIDEO]


    Next up on Justin Bieber’s social media-based descent into madness? Accidental nudity. There seems to be a certain sort of pattern with celebrities as they teeter over the precipice and into irrelevancy. Ask Scott Stapp. The correct follow-up question for most of you should be “Who is Scott Stapp?” Exactly. In fact, I […]

Justin Bieber Twitter Rant Shows Possible Signs of Incoming ‘Supermeltdown’


So Justin Bieber might just be coming down with the sort of mental illness that seems to inhabit so many of our pop culture celebrities — from Margot Kidder to Anne Heche to Martin Lawrence.Yesterday, he took to Twitter with a bizarrely generalized rant against the system — that system not only apparently being media […]

Justin Bieber Retweets Teenage Fan, True Beliebers Threaten To Kill Her


I’ve always dreamt of the day when Justin Bieber would turn his heavenly gaze upon my undeserving Twitter account and bestow the greatest gift a teenage girl like myself could ever receive — an honest to goodness retweet. It would be the sweetest of ambrosias … that is until the death threats started rolling in. […]

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