The Top 20 YouTube K-Pop Videos of 2013; PSY Tops the List With ‘Gentleman’


Last time I wrote about K-pop, we got a bunch of hate mail. So I’m not going to go that route. Instead, in the spirit of Christmas, NMR is going to focus on the wonderful and totally not terrible genre of spunky, cheerful majesty that is K-pop. PSY made the genre global and performers like […]

YouTube Launches A-Pop Channel Dedicated To Showcasing the Hottest Talents From Asia

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Apart from being a platform for video creators and independent musicians to showcase their talent, YouTube has been a gateway for international artists to hit the American market. YouTube has been cited as helping to propel the popularity of K-pop in the United States and is a big part of the reason why the whole […]

Entire ‘Gangnam Style’ Animated in Hand-Drawn Flipbook Video


I know what you’re thinking: Sweet god, no more “Gangam Style” anything! You’ve seen people’s dogs dancing to it, your dad has probably sang it to you by now, and while the song was catchy to you at first, now it’s probably lost a little bit of it’s magic. Don’t worry; I completely understand especially […]

PSY Caught Up In Anti-American Controversy: How will ‘Gangnam Style’ Be Affected?


“You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” Harvey Dent might just have been speaking about South Korean pop sensation PSY when he said that. Actually, I think he was talking about Batman, but so what? Today, it’s a message that PSY is learning the hard way.Due […]

YouTube King PSY Receives Nomination For Time Magazine’s Person of the Year


In 2010, Time selected Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg as their Person of the Year. Last year, “the protester” that made the Arab Spring and Occupy movements possible graced the Person of the Year cover. Following up with these eclectic and powerful choices from the last couple of years, will Time choose K-pop YouTube phenomenon PSY […]

New Viki YouTube Channel Has Popular K-Drama Series for FREE


The days of Korean drama fans worldwide relying on torrents and illegal web streaming may soon be over. Fans can watch their K-drama favorites legally and with subtitles in many different languages thanks to Viki’s K-Drama YouTube channel, which uploads new episodes daily. Even though the channel only has three dramas so far, some of […]

‘Gangnam Style’ Spawns Poor Imitation with 1.4 Million-Viewed Hyuna’s ‘Ice Cream’


In the 80s, America was obsessed with Australia and its quirky Down Under stylings. Men at Work, Vegemite, Yahoo Serious, Crocodile Dundee and comically big cans of Fosters Beer were the result. In the 90s, it was all about Mexico and the “Latin craze.” In the 2000s, we were all about New Zealand and everything […]

‘Gangnam Style’ Surpasses 1.2 Billion Views, Beats ‘Call Me Maybe’


Even though PSY’s “Gangnam Style” has jumped the shark with Terry Bradshaw and Jimmy Johnson’s cringe-worthy performance, it seems that the campy, horse-playing K-pop hit has something positive to celebrate. It finally beat out Carly Rae Jepsen’s summer anthem “Call Me Maybe” and has reached more than 1.2 billion views and counting, according to the […]

K-Pop Controversy & Why YouTube Video Ratings Could Soon Be a Reality


This month, the South Korean government will institute a ratings system that will require bureaucrats to screen music videos and movie trailers. If a producer uploads a music video without censor approval, they could face up to two years in prison or a nearly $18,000 fine. Of course, many in the K-Pop community are up […]

Is K-Pop Ruling the World Through Social Media?


K-pop continues its push for worldwide dominance with the success of the Wonder Girls’ music video for “Like This,” the first single off of their June 4th-released album, “Wonder Party.” The girl group’s video for the track had already garnered over 1 million views on YouTube a day after its premiere while also reaching #22 […]

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