Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Just This List?: The Classy Girls’ Guide to YouTube’s 5 Hottest Guys


With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s hard not to let the single-person-blues get the best of you. All those damn heart balloons and declarations of love can feel like a big f-you from ole’ Cupid himself. So while I can’t miraculously summon a man friend to keep you company this V-Day — I’ll […]

The 2012 NewMediaRockstars YouTube High School Year-End Awards


YouTube is basically high school. You’ve got the geeks, the cool clique, the jocks, the class clowns, and the talented kids who are eventually going to move to SoHo and achieve jackshit. And since no high school would be complete without awards to rank the students and tell them where they stand with their peers, […]

Shay Carl, Philip DeFranco and Kassem G Sound Off On Ray William Johnson Controversy Via Twitter


[Update 12/12/12 12:34 p.m. PST] Other YouTubers are now weighing in on the situation via Twitter: As the NMR exclusive story behind Ray William Johnson’s controversial separation from Maker Studios hit the Twittersphere, YouTubers scrambled to take sides either for or against the popular digital video network. One of those YouTubers defending the network is […]

YouTube Personalities To Help Announce 3rd Annual Streamy Award Finalists Next Monday


Want to know who got nominated for the Streamys’ Best Comedy Web Series or Best Female Actor in a Drama Web Series categories? The Streamy Awards will announce the nominees for their third annual event next Monday with a video announcement. YouTube personalities scheduled to appear in the announcement video include The Fine Brothers, DeStorm […]

The 8 Biggest YouTube Brand Deals


Finding massive fame on YouTube often leads to popularity, a living wage and, in many cases, offers from big name advertisers. While some YouTube celebrities like Ray William Johnson have sworn off corporate endorsements, many in the YouTube creator community look to sponsors or collaborations with companies as a means for more money. Here are […]

Maker Studios To Receive $40 Million Investment From Time Warner


Recently, YouTube networks have begun shedding their “start-up” skin for something resembling multi-million dollar entertainment studios. Earlier this year, Google invested in gamer-centric YouTube network Machinima to the tune of $35 million, while several other networks are rumored to have received up to six-figure investments from private financiers. Maker Studios is joining the YouTube gold […]

11 Exclusive Tips You Need To Know Before Dating a YouTuber (From YouTubers!)


Hey there, love-lorn YouTube fan or creator. Just because you make or are dating someone who makes YouTube videos for a living, it doesn’t mean you can’t have love. We are all searching for that one true love, as Bon Jovi put it: “I’m burning for love, Filled with desire, I can’t stand the heat. And my […]

VidCon 2012: 7 Essentials to pack


Attention: YouTube enthusiasts and lovers of online video, VidCon is upon us! The third annual Video Conference (VidCon) starts today with Industry day and will be taking over the Anaheim Convention Center from June 29-30. Fans and creatives should get ready to meet and rub elbows with YouTube elite like iJustine, Dave Days, ShayCarl and […]

Maker Studios: 1 Billion YouTube Views In One Month [EXCLUSIVE]


With the recent introduction of YouTube-specific networks, the formula for a successful YouTube channel has evolved. Now, independent creators can rarely reach audiences in a way that signed talent can. Studios set up artists to succeed with incredible resources, connections and promotion. By offering creators these necessary perks, networks are quickly signing some of the […]

Maker Studios Goes Old Hollywood: Will It Work?


Back in your grandparents or great-grandparents’ day before YouTube was a memory, big studios like MGM and Paramount dominated the motion picture landscape, controlling nearly every aspect from production and talent right down to marketing and distributing the films. It worked for about 40 years, but changing tastes, bloated companies and legal troubles led to […]

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