KevJumba Builds A School in Africa With His YouTube Money [VIDEO]


Kev Jumba is doing a world of good. That is to say, he’s doing good all over the world. His latest stop? Nairobi, in Africa, where students recently challenged him to come teach their class. As he tells it, via a blog entry he made on the Huffington Post entitled, “How I Built A School […]

YouTubers Freddiew, Wong Fu, Jen ‘FromHeadtoToe’ and More Face Off in ISA’s First-Ever Variety Game Show [EXCLUSIVE BTS]


Let the games begins! Today, ISA TV released the premiere episode of its upcoming variety game show that features popular YouTubers facing off in over-the-top gaming challenges. ISA, International Secret Agents, was originally created by Wong Fu Productions and the Far East Movement with the goal of uniting the Asian American internet community and showcasing […]

From Slobs To YouTube Heartthrobs: 5 Shocking YouTube Star Transformations


Everyone has that awkward phase they can’t escape. For some, it was braces, headgear and glasses all within the same week while in junior high. For others, it was that period of time when you bleached the tips of your spiked hair to more closely resemble a member of N’Sync. [Carly shivers at the memories] […]

Top 5 YouTube Sidekicks Who Deserve to Star in Their Own Shows


Since the dawn of time, sidekicks have gotten the short end of the stick. Tonto, Barney Rubble, Doctor John Watson, Robin — all great men cast into the shadows of their slightly buffer, slightly more handsome partners. Well, I say no more! No more should Pluto just wait at home while Mickey Mouse is out […]

New YouTube Official Comedy Channel Needs More Laughter


YouTube is hoping that their original comedy channel will make you laugh with their  showcase of A to B-list comedians (and not independent YouTube ones). YouTube debuted the Official Comedy channel to showcase its best in funny, with the likes of Christian Finnegan deciphering how “You’re An A-Hole” to a panel of comedians discussing “Jokes […]

5 Reasons YOMYOMF Will Be A Successful Premium Channel


Already, YOMYOMF’s YouTube video introducing their new network has received over a million views since its upload on June 3. The network, which features YouTube celebrities like Ryan Higa, Chester See, and Kevjumba, is a spinoff of the Asian American pop culture blog, “You Offend Me, You Offend My Family.” YOMYOMF, which launched June 12, […]

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