Hollywood Hacked! ‘Anonymous’ Hackers Hit Jay-Z, Beyonce, Hillary Clinton & More


So the big news of the day (other than Marvel making 700 of its original comics free for download) is the monster hack of some of Hollywood and Washington’s biggest names by an “Anonymous”-esque group with ties to a Russian website. Everything is up for grabs: social security numbers, banking info, debtor history, mortgages — […]

Justin Bieber Passes Lady Gaga To Become #1 Most Followed On Twitter


In the land of the blind, the man with one eye is king. In the land of Twitter, the crown now belongs to Justin Bieber. Jesus, how bout that opener? it seems like the tagline for a bad movie. So, yeah, Biebs is now number one in the micro-blogging game, having just surpassed Lady Gaga […]

Top 10 Funniest #Kimye Tweets: 2013 Is Doomed After Apocalypse Baby Takes Over Twitter … And Eventually The World


Three days into 2013 and we are already screwed. Though we may have survived the impending Mayan-predicted apocalypse, a new destructive force is headed our way, and it’s clad in Gucci. Kim Kardashian and her current squeeze Kanye West announced this holiday season that they were indeed pregnant with their first child. While the kid […]

High School Girl Sells Virginity on YouTube to Help Ailing Mother [VIDEO]


When I hear that someone is paying an outrageous sum of money on the internet to take some young girl’s virginity, I instantly think of two types of men: one is an older Japanese business guy with jet-black hair, long pinky nails and a smile that makes you think of an advancing spider. The other is […]

Morgan Freeman Outburst is Hoax, But ‘New Media’ is Finding Its Way In the Midst of Tragedy


So Friday was kind of a bad day for everyone, yeah? New media had a ton of influence in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook massacre, and while it does come off as a bit cold-hearted to mention that new media finds its place more solidly with every new tragedy, consider the events of this […]

What Kim Kardashian & Other Top Yahoo Searches of 2012 Say About Us


Good news, people! It’s finally almost here! No, not Hanukkah, dumbass, it’s the annual releasing of the top search engine searches of the year! Yahoo was first out of the gate, displaying its tabulations on the top searches earlier this week. Now we’re waiting to see what Google, Dogpile, Lycos, Ask and (chuckle) Bing have […]

YouTube Senior Citizens: 3 Golden Sisters Offer ‘Italian Mother Advice’ on Kim Kardashian Sex Tape & More [INTERVIEW]


Whatever the latest scandalous tabloid topic, whether it’s “Fifty Shades or Grey” or “Twilight’s” Kristen Stewart cheating on her beau, you can be sure that the 3 Golden Sisters will be grinding their gears about it on their YouTube channel. Twin sisters Josie Cavaluzzi and Teresa Dahlquist, and their elder sister Mary Bartnicki, captured the […]

Rihanna, Gaga, Bieber Lead Top 10 Most Social Media Savvy Celebrities [INFOGRAPHIC]


Social media has provided both a launching pad and a jumpstart for the careers of some of the top celebrities of the 21st Century. It is no coincidence that Twitter’s top followed celebrities like Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Justin Bieber rank in the top 10 on “Forbes Top 100 Celebrities List,” surpassing even seasoned stars […]

Harper’s Bazaar’s YouTube debut with Kim Kardashian [EXCLUSIVE]


It is no secret that digital video holds the key to the future of the traditional media industry, which is why a flood of mainstream celebrities, musicians and print publications are joining YouTube on a daily basis. YouTube has become a haven for traditional media to spread its digital wings, and fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar […]

Why You Should Never Tweet Your # Out


Justin Bieber is in deep trouble. No, he didn’t turn into a white Chris Brown, but he may have a day in court. Why? After posting a phone number on his Twitter page to his legion of followers, a Texas couple has threatened legal action against the boy wonder after getting more than 1,000 calls […]

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