A Year After ‘Gangnam Style’: The Top 10 Most-Viewed K-Pop Videos On YouTube


“Gangnam Style” introduced the world to K-pop in a way that is still being felt to this day. While K-pop can be defined in a broad sense as popular South Korean music, the rise of Psy introduced the globe to the electronic pop anthems more specifically associated with the genre. On YouTube, South Korean pop […]

Happy 1st Birthday, ‘Gangnam Style’! You’ve Increased Global K-Pop Awareness


A year ago today, “Gangnam Style” was born. It is to date the most-viewed YouTube video of all time and has spawned, for better and for worse, thousands of parodies both online and off. While the echoes of Psy and “Gangnam Style” have reverberated throughout popular culture, the South Korean singer’s biggest impact has been […]

Entire ‘Gangnam Style’ Animated in Hand-Drawn Flipbook Video


I know what you’re thinking: Sweet god, no more “Gangam Style” anything! You’ve seen people’s dogs dancing to it, your dad has probably sang it to you by now, and while the song was catchy to you at first, now it’s probably lost a little bit of it’s magic. Don’t worry; I completely understand especially […]

‘Gangnam Style’ Is Illuminati Propaganda And Obama’s Victory Dance Of Choice [INFOGRAPHIC]


Let me go on record as saying that I absolutely fucking adored “Gangnam Style” when it was first rising up the viral video charts. Psy seems like a genuinely great dude who is completely humble and 100% grateful in the face of his gargantuan global popularity. He also once tweeted out an article we wrote […]

New Viki YouTube Channel Has Popular K-Drama Series for FREE


The days of Korean drama fans worldwide relying on torrents and illegal web streaming may soon be over. Fans can watch their K-drama favorites legally and with subtitles in many different languages thanks to Viki’s K-Drama YouTube channel, which uploads new episodes daily. Even though the channel only has three dramas so far, some of […]

‘Gangnam Style’ Spawns Poor Imitation with 1.4 Million-Viewed Hyuna’s ‘Ice Cream’


In the 80s, America was obsessed with Australia and its quirky Down Under stylings. Men at Work, Vegemite, Yahoo Serious, Crocodile Dundee and comically big cans of Fosters Beer were the result. In the 90s, it was all about Mexico and the “Latin craze.” In the 2000s, we were all about New Zealand and everything […]

YouTube’s 7th Anniversary K-Pop Concert Attracts Thousands


In celebration of YouTube’s 7th anniversary, Google and Korean broadcaster MBC hosted a special K-pop concert at the Shoreline Amphitheatre near their headquarters in Mountain View, California. Dubbed an appropriately engrish-sounding “MBC Korean Music Wave in Google,” the concert sold all of its 22,000 tickets within half an hour of going on sale a week […]

3 Music Genres Propelled by Social Media


1. K-Pop Although K-Pop has been a popular genre to the Asian audience since the late 1990’s, it really didn’t have such heavy influence on western audiences until the last few years. With the emergence of social media channels, K-Pop’s popularity skyrocketed as music videos were easily found through YouTube, and fans were able to […]

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