7 Superstars’ YouTube Videos Before They Were Famous


It’s nearly impossible to imagine celebrities before they had the glitz and glamor of fame, right? We just assume Beyonce came out of the womb with her domineering fierceness, perhaps even doing the iconic “Single Ladies” dance while being delivered. And Lady Gaga must have obviously been born that way, donning her meat dresses before pre-K. […]

Billboard’s Editorial Director Accuses Lady Gaga of Encouraging YouTube View Fixing


Earlier this year, Billboard adjusted its chart calculation to include video streams, which helped memes like “Harlem Shake” get to the top position on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Now Billboard’s editorial director is accusing one pop superstar of encouraging her fans to “fix” the charts through inflated YouTube views and a chance to meet […]

YouTube Strips Lady Gaga Of Over 176 Million Views — Is She A ‘Monster?’ Ugh


Last week, The Daily Dot reported that YouTube had cut over 176 million views from the official Lady Gaga Vevo YouTube channel. The massive view reduction occurred on January 20, just one month after YouTube stripped over 2 billion views from channels belonging to Sony/BMG, RCA and Universal Music Group. In an interview with Billboard, […]

Justin Bieber Passes Lady Gaga To Become #1 Most Followed On Twitter


In the land of the blind, the man with one eye is king. In the land of Twitter, the crown now belongs to Justin Bieber. Jesus, how bout that opener? it seems like the tagline for a bad movie. So, yeah, Biebs is now number one in the micro-blogging game, having just surpassed Lady Gaga […]

An Ode to the 10 Most Influential Faces of Google+ — Now in Poem Form! [INFOGRAPHIC]


 “This world is a dark place” Maybe some might fuss But then they don’t subscribe To one Google+ Where celebrities of all kinds Gather to be Ranked and judged And followed, you see. But there’s something mysterious Going on over there, Take a look at their top ten And tell me you care? Gaga has […]

The ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ Kids Talk to NMR About Reaching Half A Billion Views [INTERVIEW]


“Justin Beaver & Baby Gaga.” That’s what arguably the most recognizable tandem in the history of the Internet called their competition during our interview. It is refreshing to deal with such candid commentary from public figures playing the “fame game.” Of course, to get such unvarnished opinion, it helps if the tandem in question, when […]

5 DIY Halloween Costume Tutorials For The Unimaginative Amongst You


Good news, all you hepcats and hipsters: Halloween is a-rollin’ up on us. Finally, I have a reason to dress up like an axe murderer that won’t get me arrested. Since I’ve gotten my costume squared away, this doesn’t concern me, but for the rest of you, here are some dynamite quick-fixes, straight from the […]

Twitter Too Free For Your Liking? Give New Microblogging Site Pheed A Try …


Have you ever been reading Ashley Tisdale’s latest philosophical musing on Twitter only to suddenly exclaim, “Hey! I don’t deserve to read this for free. I wish Ashley could find some way to charge me for this wealth of learning she has bestowed upon me.” Good news to both you and Ashley Tisdale, because now […]

‘Lady Gag-a’? Gaga Vomits Like A Pro, Then On With the Show [VIDEO]


Everybody has a secret fetish, I think, and mine just might be pop stars vomiting on stage. It isn’t that I wish illness on anyone in particular (mostly), it’s just that natural performers add a dimension of theatricality to their bouts of barfing. They almost make it seem like it’s a part of the show. […]

Rihanna, Gaga, Bieber Lead Top 10 Most Social Media Savvy Celebrities [INFOGRAPHIC]


Social media has provided both a launching pad and a jumpstart for the careers of some of the top celebrities of the 21st Century. It is no coincidence that Twitter’s top followed celebrities like Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Justin Bieber rank in the top 10 on “Forbes Top 100 Celebrities List,” surpassing even seasoned stars […]

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