Machinima Gets New Head Honcho in CEO Chad E. Gutstein


All hail Chad E. Gutstein, new CEO of Machinima! Okay, NMR is determined to get off on a good foot with Machinima’s new CEO. We’ve had a long and happy symbiotic relationship with them and have visited their awesome Hollywood-based offices several times and aim to continue doing so. So of course we welcome Chad […]

Machinima Focusing More On YouTube After $18 Million From Warner Bros.


Now that Machinima has closed out its $18 million funding round with Warner Bros., you’d think they’d be looking to expand beyond YouTube, but instead, the opposite seems to be true. “Certainly for us in the short run, the focus is on creating new content franchises that’ll be born on YouTube and have a huge […]

Machinima Lays Off 42 Employees .. And Then Scores Reported $18 Million From Warner Bros.

Screen shot 2014-03-06 at 4.59.45 PM

This is possibly the most interesting one-two punch for an MCN since Maker got that windfall investment and then laid off a bunch of employees. This happens to be the opposite — Machinima, seemingly on the cusp of experiencing some real losses, has just laid off 42 employees — only to now catch a reported […]

Machinima & Microsoft Attempt To Explain YouTube XBox One Promotions ‘Scam’


So not many of you “liked” the original article about this (you know who you are), but I thought that in spite of that, for the ones who did (no, no don’t go back and click “like” now — you live with your guilt), we would fill you in on the updates. As you recall, […]

Microsoft Allegedly Paying For Machinima, YouTubers To Endorse The Xbox One


Whoops. We the users of YouTube are at a strategically interesting fork in the path. News has just broken that Microsoft is allegedly paying high-profile YouTube personalities for positive endorsements of the XBox One. According to a now-deleted Tweet from Machinima’s UK community manager, that MCN is particularly on board with this arrangement, which is […]

Machinima & Others Come To Gamers’ Support In Wake of Copyright Nightmares


In the wake of massive copyright claims filed against YouTube gamers over the content of their “Let’s Play” videos, several major software makers and game companies have stepped forward to assert that it wasn’t their fault. Capcom, Machinima, Blizzard, Ubisoft and others have taken to social media to report that the copyright notices being sent […]

Machinima Content Now on Twitch in New Mega Gaming Partnership

machinima twitch

Machinima announced today a partnership with Twitch that will bring much of the gaming network giant’s “existing and new” content to the live streaming platform. Watch live video from TheRace on Starting with a Twtich channel that launched simultaneously with the news, Machinima stated that it would focus on bringing its live and esports […]

Machinima And Avenged Sevenfold Team Up On New Animated Series ‘Hail To The King’


Here’s a strange pairing: Machinima and metal band Avenged Sevenfold have teamed up on a brand new animated series “Hail To The King.” Deriving its name from the band’s upcoming album, “Hail To The King” will detail the saga of the band’s trademark mascot Death Bat. The six-episode series, which is premiering exclusively on Machinima […]

YouTube’s Geek Week Goes Multi-Player With Gaming Thursday Schedule


YouTube’s Geek Week has so far covered anime, memes and superheroes, and today, the video streaming site is on to video games with Gaming Thursday. Networks Machinima and Maker Studios’ Polaris will be curating the event with videos dedicated to multiplayer battles, classic video games and the future of video games. Gaming Thursday will culminate […]

Machinima To Launch Creator Development Tools Similar To Fullscreen ‘Dashboard’ Soon


The problem looks like this: As organizations with thousands of partners, multi-channel YouTube networks don’t have the time or resources to individually support each and every one of their creators. So how do networks deal with this issue? Fullscreen, a network with thousands and thousands of partners, launched the Fullscreen Dashboard a while back to […]

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