New Lawsuit from Ex-Maker Employee Seeks to Unwind Disney-Maker Merger


Another day, another Maker lawsuit. Andy Faberlle, a former director of partnerships for the Maker Studios from April 2011 to Aug. 2013, has filed a lawsuit seeking to have Disney’s acquisition of the Culver City MCN “unwound.” Faberlle follows in the footsteps of Maker Studios ex-CEO Danny Zappin and three other former executives who filed […]

Relativity Media Crosses Disney, Puts In Late Offer for Maker Studios


The Walt Disney Company has competition in their bid for Maker Studios: Relativity Media has lodged in their own offer for the MCN. In an eleventh hour effort on Sunday, film studio Relativity Media sent a letter to Maker’s board of directors proposing a deal that has the film studio exchanging $500 million in stock for […]

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Danny Zappin Delaying Disney’s $500mm Acquisition of Maker Studios

maker disney

I’ve never been a particularly good listener when it comes to authority figures, so when reclusive NMR owner Danny Zappin temporarily poked his head out of his likely Walden Pond cabin (okay, except the cabin is a hipster bachelor pad, and Walden Pond is Venice Beach) to comment on a recent NMR article, the decisively […]

StampyLongHead Partners With Maker For Education-Based ‘Minecraft’ Channel


StampyLongHead is looking to become the Mr. Rogers of gaming. British gamer Joseph Garrett, who goes by the gaming handle StampyLongHead, has just partnered up with Maker Studios to create a new gaming channel that is purely education-based. Revolving around the infinite world of “Minecraft,” Garett aims to teach children positive lessons and intelligence-growing lessons […]

Done Deal: Disney Buys Maker Studios For $500 Million


Unless a planeful of YouTubers heading home from Playlist Live goes missing somewhere over the South Indian sea, Disney’s acquisition of Maker should be the biggest news of the day. In a deal that likely would have made ol’ Walt pretty proud, Disney Studios finalized their deal to own dynamic MCN Maker Studios. Purchasing the […]

Is Disney Buying A Bomb in Reputed $500 Million Maker Studios Deal?


With not quite confirmations, but certainly more than rumors beginning to circulate the internet over Disney purchasing Maker Studios for a reported $500 million, one can’t help but wonder: has Disney been huffing its own mouse turds? Nobody is questioning that Disney is acquiring the crown jewel of multi-channel networks — a monster of a […] Signs Deal With Maker To Create Content


If we had some sort of betting pool where we tried to guess the next mainstream star who thought they could make a buck off of YouTube/social media, those of you who picked would be in the money right now. Signing up to produce channels with MCN powerhouse Maker, the Black Eyed Peas musician […]

Just For Laughs and Maker Studio Partner on YouTube Channels, Festival Shows


Just For Laughs has found a partner for its YouTube business in Maker Studios. In the deal, the Canadian company known for its hidden camera pranks and comedy festivals will have their YouTube channel managed by Maker Studios. Just For Laugh’s main YouTube channel houses the brand’s hidden camera pranks and has over 3.7 million […]

Ben Stiller’s Red Hour Digital Teams Up With Maker Studios for New Season of YouTube Series ‘Next Time on Lonny’


Maker Studios and Ben Stiller’s Red Hour Digital entertainment production company to are partnering up to produce the sophomore season of  “Next Time on Lonny,” a web series that spoofs reality television. The new episodes will be distributed sometime early next year by Maker, which will also be promoting the show’s first season in January […]

Maker’s Gaming Hub Polaris Adds New Talent To Join PewDiePie and The Yogscast


In the rise of the Gamer Era on YouTube, where good game commentary and content is the hottest commodity in YouTube town right now, Maker is fattening up its stables with some big names. Joining the ranks of the No. 1 most subscribed YouTuber PewDiePie and the always dynamic The Yogscast, Maker’s gaming and geek […]

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