YouTube’s Most Beloved Furball Maru the Cat Celebrates 6th Birthday By Cramming Inside More Boxes


Long before there was Lil Bub and Grumpy Cat, a chubby cat named Maru captivated the hearts of millions with YouTube videos following his daily life. Maru in a box, Maru takes a bath, Maru sees himself in the mirror — no matter what the cat gave us, we just couldn’t get enough. This past […]

YouTube’s Greatest Hero, Maru The Cat, Becomes A Fashion Icon….Sort Of


Champion of the Internet and probably the world’s most famous cat, Maru, is now selling designer clothing for Japanese fashion retailer Uniqlo. We’ve talked a lot about human YouTube celebrities breaking into commercials and acting gigs, but what about those kings of the Internet — cats and their crazy shenanigans. Are we so obsessed with […]

YouTube Cats Get Their Own Film Festival [EXCLUSIVE]


For the cat-loving fans that can’t get enough of watching 30-second clips of cats in boxes, there’s a film festival just for that. What was once the domain of “America’s Funniest Home Videos” and subscribers of “Cat Fancy” magazine, cat videos on YouTube will be celebrated in the Internet Cat Video Film Festival in Minneapolis, […]

YouTube Japan Says Sayonara to Maru and “Cooking With Dog”?


Say, “Sayonara,” to Maru and “Cooking With Dog” come October. That’s when an amendment to a current Japanese law on copyright takes effect. It’s already a crime to download pirated music or view illegal movie files in Japan, but the government did not put the penalty of two years in prison and a $25,000 fine into […]

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