Photo-Sharing Site Imgur Launches Mobile App For Android


Reddit users have another platform to share their meme-tastic images to their fellow users, as Imgur has launched its first official mobile app. Previously available as a beta, the newly released app lets Imgur users view and upload photos as well as share and comment on photos. The official release also fixed several bugs that […]

Charting The Impact of the Four Biggest Memes of 2012 [INFOGRAPHIC]


“Gangnam Style.” “Kony 2012.” Binders Full of Women. Not Impressed. Those are the four biggest memes of 2012, and we can only hope that 2013 will bring more fascinating and intriguing memes that everyone and their mother will be talking about. The folks at MDG put out this fascinating infographic detailing how the four biggest […]

Tumblr’s Top Ten Ranking is Bullshit — Here’s Why:


Tumblr, after just five years in the game, has announced their top ten ranking among U.S. websites. If accurate, that puts it ahead of the Huffington Post. “If accurate” is a pretty big conditional clause though.26-year-old CEO David Karp (and to think I used to get annoyed when playmates were younger than me) announced the […]

SDCC: Domo Creator Tsuneo Goda Talks with NMR [VIDEO]


“Every time you masturbate… God kills a kitten” is the caption from a mock PSA meme from 2002 that catapulted Domo to worldwide stardom. But where did Domo really originate, before he became the fuzzy assassin of felines sent by a vengeful god infuriated by your heinous twice-a-day habits? Well, he was born from an […]

PBS YouTube Series Has An ‘Idea’ For You [EXCLUSIVE]


Despite Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare coming to many people’s minds when they think of literature, it also has its fair share of short-form works. For instance, the haiku is a very short form of poetry originating from Japan consisting of short amounts of syllables. Those constraints remind us of a modern day social media […]

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