Michelle Phan Strikes Back In Copyright Lawsuit, May File Countersuit

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Whew, I was worried that this whole thing would wind up in a quiet out-of-court settlement … Michelle Phan, YouTube’s most famous beauty guru, has struck back in what could shape up to be quite a nasty lawsuit. Phan, who is being sued by Ultra Records, home to some of EDM’s most popular musicians including […]

Michelle Phan Sued Over Music In Her Beauty Vids; ‘Dozens’ of Copyright Infringement Instances Cited So Far

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Michelle Phan is now feeling the burn of success. Now that she’s up on that pedestal, everything she does can (and will) be observed. Including her use of unlicensed music throughout her videos. Ultra Records LLC and Ultra International Music Publishing LLC are suing Phan for copyright infringement, alleging she used songs and compilations without […]

Money To Burn: Michelle Phan, Julian Lennon Join The Endemol Family [INTERVIEW?]


Some more of that famous $40 million has been spent; this time Endemol Beyond President Will Keenan lassoed in two big YouTube names — Michelle Phan, she of her self-built beauty empire and Julian Lennon, the musician son of John Lennon. The Phan acquisition is particularly impressive because she has long been seen as a […]

The Ugly Truth: Should YouTubers Have A Political Opinion At The Cost Of Viewers?


There seems to be a stop gap between entertainment and politics that a lot of people can’t get over. We don’t want our entertainers to have valid opinions about controversial topics because if we don’t agree with them, for some reason, we can’t like them anymore. Such has been the case with celebrity YouTubers stepping […]

Michelle Phan Unveils Em-Cosmetics, A Makeup Brand Entirely Inspired By Her YouTube Community


This week, YouTube beauty guru Michelle Phan launched her own cosmetic line, Em Michelle Phan, with L’Oreal. The line features over 250 products including 36 shades of eyeshadow, blush and lipstick themed around life moments such as “Love Life,” “Day Life,” “Party Life” and “Night Life.” Her products range in price from $15 to $75. […]

5 Summer Trends YouTube Beauty Gurus Are Obsessed With Right Now


Summer, you’re finally here. After months of waiting to be free of long sleeve shirts and heavy jackets, we have finally been blessed with the first rays of summer sun. And how can we not fall in love with the season that brings us endless barbecues and weekend beach adventures? In summer the days are […]

YouTube Beauty Guru Michelle Phan Gives Clues To Her Fans About Her Mysterious New Project


Six years ago, Michelle Phan uploaded her first YouTube video, “Natural Looking Makeup Tutorial,” which gained over 9.7 million views. Since that first video, Phan has become one of the most popular beauty gurus on YouTube with over 3 million followers and close to 720 million video views. Phan first made a name for herself […]

Conan O’Brien Goes Through ‘Reconstructive Surgery’ After Following Michelle Phan’s Beauty Tips [VIDEO]

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Back in February, YouTube beauty guru Michelle Phan uploaded a video titled “3 Beauty Tips With a Spoon,” giving her viewers tips on how they could incorporate spoons into their daily beauty routine. The video has since racked up almost 1.4 million views with overall positive feedback from viewers. Today, television host Conan O’Brien uploaded […]

Top 15 YouTubers Without Makeup Might Shock You [GALLERY]


It is said that only 12 percent of the population are truly strikingly, traffic-stoppingly beautiful. For the rest of us 88 percent, we get a little help from our friends — those friends being CoverGirl, L’Oréal and the bottles of wine we keep in our fridge. While each morning we strive to capture the “I […]

From Slobs To YouTube Heartthrobs: 5 Shocking YouTube Star Transformations


Everyone has that awkward phase they can’t escape. For some, it was braces, headgear and glasses all within the same week while in junior high. For others, it was that period of time when you bleached the tips of your spiked hair to more closely resemble a member of N’Sync. [Carly shivers at the memories] […]

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