Microsoft Ditches X-Box Digital Studio During Massive Round of Layoffs


The world of digital video and online entertainment is getting more competitive every day, and it looks like Microsoft couldn’t take the heat. In the wake of the company announcing 18,000 layoffs, many were curious about the fate of the software giant’s newborn but struggling digital content division, X-Box Entertainment. Now it seems we have an […]

Xbox One’s YouTube App Update Means a More Streamlined Video Sharing Experience


Today, the YouTube app on Microsoft’s Xbox One is getting an exciting update: integrated Game DVR and Upload Studio. Game DVR is of course used to record live gameplay on the Xbox One, while Upload Studio is used to edit and upload gameplay video. The integration of the two apps into the YouTube app means […]

Machinima & Microsoft Attempt To Explain YouTube XBox One Promotions ‘Scam’


So not many of you “liked” the original article about this (you know who you are), but I thought that in spite of that, for the ones who did (no, no don’t go back and click “like” now — you live with your guilt), we would fill you in on the updates. As you recall, […]

Microsoft Allegedly Paying For Machinima, YouTubers To Endorse The Xbox One


Whoops. We the users of YouTube are at a strategically interesting fork in the path. News has just broken that Microsoft is allegedly paying high-profile YouTube personalities for positive endorsements of the XBox One. According to a now-deleted Tweet from Machinima’s UK community manager, that MCN is particularly on board with this arrangement, which is […]

Microsoft Lawyer Claims Google Banned YouTube App Because They Favor Android And Apple Users


Yesterday, after Google banned the YouTube app for Windows Phone, Microsoft representatives were relatively tight-lipped about the obvious tech giant junk-measuring contest that was going down. The application, which Google claimed still violated their terms of service, was only on the Windows Phone marketplace for two days before Google allegedly pulled Microsoft’s API key taking […]

Google Blocks YouTube App For Windows Phones Two Days After It’s Released


Only two days after Google and Microsoft buried the hatchet and officially released the co-created YouTube app for Windows Phones, Google has once again blocked the application. According to a Google statement issued to The Verge, the app is being blocked for allegedly violating YouTube’s terms of use. A Google rep told The Verge: “Microsoft has […]

Windows Phone YouTube App Is Back After Ugly Google, Microsoft Feud


After a three-month hiatus, the YouTube app is back on the Windows Phone marketplace. The application was pulled after Microsoft and Google had an ugly, public dispute over the original version’s lack of ad functionality. The Windows-built model, according to Google, defied many of the policies set in place by YouTube / Google including a […]

Google & Microsoft Bury The Hatchet, Begin Working On Windows Phone YouTube App


I like to imagine that Larry Page, Google co-founder and future asteroid miner, was quietly stewing in his Mountain View penthouse cursing Microsoft and that damned unauthorized YouTube app of theirs when he opened an email containing the following picture: To which Page said, “Goddammit, if they can get along so can we.” This strange […]

Microsoft Releases Minor Update To YouTube App After Legal Threats From Google


It came out in the news yesterday that Microsoft, not wanting to give into Google’s legal threats, was unwilling to remove the YouTube application from the Windows Phones Store. The application, which had pre-roll ads removed and gave users the ability to download videos, allegedly violated Google’s terms of service. Google sent Microsoft a cease […]

Microsoft Claims Google Refused To Help Them Develop Windows YouTube App


It’s always fun when two tech giants slug it out, and Google and Microsoft are putting on quite a show. Google sent Microsoft a cease and desist letter recently that demanded the software company remove their YouTube application from the Windows Phones Store. The app in question is currently stripped of all ads and allows […]

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