YouTube Star Christina Grimmie Shines on the TV Stage With ‘Wrecking Ball’ Rendition on the ‘The Voice’

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With her YouTube channel’s nearly 2.5 million subscribers and 246 million total views, Christina Grimmie isn’t a stranger to most avid pop music-listening, YouTube-viewing teens. Still, she hasn’t made it quite yet into the household name territory — but her star may be coming soon. Recently appearing on NBC’s highly-rated “The Voice” during the show’s […]

YouTuber Steve Kardynal Swings Miley’s ‘Wrecking Ball’ Back Into No. 1 Spot on Billboard Charts


Miley Cyrus might owe Steve Kardynal a kiss. And singer Lordes might owe him a kick in the nuts. Due to the strength of Kardynal’s INSANELY viral and INSANELY insane video cover of “Wrecking Ball,” in which he swings nude on a makeshift wrecking ball to the horrified delight of the Chatroulette circuit (really? This […]

Steve Kardynal Punishes ChatRoulette With Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball’ [VIDEO]

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Steve Kardynal is back and messing with Chatroulette users again. Lipsyncing to “Wrecking Ball” and french kissing a sledgehammer in his underwear, Kardynal does his best to shock and awe the people of Chatroulette. Considering he’s rang up over 5 million views with this video, I think it’s safe to say he’s succeeded with the […]

‘Miley Cyrus’ Tops List of 2013′s 7 Most Overused Halloween Costumes Shared on Instagram

There should be a rule — whoever debuts the Halloween costume “gets” the costume. There should be a website where you have to register your costume in advance — at least regionally. Every year, there are enough pop culture references to go around, and yet people always latch onto the same basic prototypes for mass […]

Miley Without Music: CollegeHumor Reprograms ‘We Can’t Stop’ – And It’s Creepy As F*ck [VIDEO]


Perfect for unsettling you on a Monday morning, this video of Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” performed without the music is easily one of the more haunting videos you will see this week. CollegeHumor, purveyors of fantastic content like their music video parody “Instagram,” have stripped this track down to ambient noise, odd refrains and […]

Lime Party? Golden Sisters Take On ‘Twerking’ After Watching Miley Cyrus Drop It Low [VIDEO]


So the 3 Golden Sisters are back and more crunk than ever … I never thought I’d use that term, but then I never thought I be describing a video in which the famous old ladies of YouTube were dropping their asses like a ‘64 Impala. Getting loose with it, the Golden Sisters critique Miley Cyrus’ […]

Daily Grace, Hannah Hart Make All the Wrong Moves In This Miley Cyrus Parody [VIDEO]


It has become “a thing” for YouTubers to make videos based on Miley Cyrus’ new song “We Can’t Stop” — whether out of respect or a sort of cruel mockery, I can’t yet tell. But Hannah Hart and Daily Grace have teamed up with a wonderfully oddball YouTube musician, Flula, to put their own spin […]

Fat Guy Parodies Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” – Is It Social Commentary or Cookies? [VIDEO]


When you’re fat, a whole different element comes into play when you make a parody video. That element is: are you making social commentary, or do you just like cookies? As a fat guy, I myself run into this problem often — see, your weight makes a statement whether you want it to or not. […]

Miley Cyrus Jumpstarts ‘Twerking’ Craze in Adorable ‘Unicorn Suit’ [VIDEO]


    Okay, there seems to be a sharp division on whether this outfit is called a “unicorn suit” or a “frog suit,” but Miley took to her Twitter to claim she is rocking it “unicorn” style, so we’re going with that. The craze is called “Twerking” and a cool video of Miley Cyrus doing […]

Twitter Too Free For Your Liking? Give New Microblogging Site Pheed A Try …


Have you ever been reading Ashley Tisdale’s latest philosophical musing on Twitter only to suddenly exclaim, “Hey! I don’t deserve to read this for free. I wish Ashley could find some way to charge me for this wealth of learning she has bestowed upon me.” Good news to both you and Ashley Tisdale, because now […]

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