London Band Moones Creates The First Interactive ‘Drunk’ Music Video With YouTube Annotations


Among many of its innovative features, annotations are simultaneously the most useful and useless tools built into YouTube. According to YouTube, annotations were created to serve the following purposes: 1. Add background information about the video 2. Create stories with multiple possibilities (viewers click to choose the next scene) 3. Link to related YouTube videos, […]

Mister Rogers Back From The Dead Again In New PBS Remix ‘Sing Along’ [VIDEO]


Alright. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. You and I both know that it was kind of creepy that Mr. Rogers was an adult man who clearly had an affinity for small children and would bring them into his home every day with the lure of puppets and a miniature motorized trolley. Dude had […]

Skrillex, Diplo and A-Trak Launch YouTube Music Network, ‘Potato Will Eat You’


  Good news, frat guys and people on mollies, the Diplo, Skrillex and A-Trak YouTube music network you’ve been waiting for is here. The three DJs have been teasing a new project the last couple of days revealing only its name, “Potato Will Eat You.” Finally, a preview video was released recently that explained the […]

Justin Bieber Returns To YouTube Roots, Drops Acoustic Video On Channel’s 6th Birthday


Six years ago, a 12-year-old kid from Stratford, Ontario entered his school’s singing contest and performed Ne-Yo’s ballad “So Sick.” Not only was the crowd floored by this singing sensation, but so were the five million other people who viewed the recording on the kid’s YouTube page. Little did young Justin Bieber know he would […]

Old Men Singing ‘Lion King’ At A Tim Horton’s is Downright Canadian, Eh! [VIDEO]


There is something insanely pleasant about walking into a Tim Horton’s (which is essentially the Canadian version of a Denny’s) and discovering a bunch of old guys crooning out really harmonized versions of “Lion King” songs. Down here in L.A., old guys only sing if they’re trying to lure children into their rape vans. The […]

Finally A Reason To Pop The Molly You Got For Xmas: Skrillex Drops 3 Track EP Via YouTube


I grew up in the punk and hardcore scene, which means I’ve heard a lot of bullshit in my life. We’re talking about the kind of noise people associate with ritual sacrifice and the Son of the Morning — that’s right: Beelzebub. While I consider myself an expert on ear bleed-inducing nonsense, nothing could have […]

The Top 12 Tumblrs of 2012


Can I just be the first to say, it’s been a great year for the ole’ Tumblr-ites. This country has  gotten through some rough days with the laughs from “Robert Pattinson Hates His Life” and the “T-Rex Trying” Tumblrs. Like a time capsule that someday historians will look back on to understand the priorities of […]

Viral ‘I Hate Christmas’ Song Warms My Cold, Cold Heart [VIDEO]


It’s a beautiful thing when two separate worlds, North and South America, can find common ground over a dislike of something as pure as Christmas. I just wish the South Americans had brought something a little more coherent to the table. In this viral video that is rapidly gaining traction (and yet, I feel it […]

Mac Lethal Rips Westboro Baptist Church in Spectacular Rap Fashion [VIDEO]


You ever been completely in awe of someone’s talent, and yet, have absolutely no desire to have a conversation with that person? It mostly happens to me with hobos playing the saxophone outside of hockey games (I’ve been to three different hockey arenas, each had their own hobo-with-a-saxophone … weird), but today Mac Lethal strikes […]

Young Sam | Hip Hop Artist


“Grind Till We Rich” is by far the most personal track on Young Sam’s new album “TRAPfornia.” It also happens to be the track that the LA-based rapper is most proud of. “’Grind Till We Rich’ is real motivational. It’s like letting people know like you got to do what you got to do to […]

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