Sam Tsui | Singer & Songwriter


Sam is every bit as nice and gracious, and more, as you could ever possibly imagine him to be. NMR had the pleasure of sitting down with the busy singer-songwriter to get his thoughts on what makes a good cover, how the boy across the street ended up as his main collaborator, the dirt on […]

Top 10 Keenan Cahill Videos You’ll Lip Sync Along With


What’s better than turning up that radio and lip syncing to your favorite hit song? Flipping on a webcam and having 50 Cent, David Guetta and LMFAO jump in and sing along with you! Keenan Cahill is probably one of the raddest 17-year-olds I have ever met. He’s a music-loving soul and is not afraid […]

Dave Days | Musician


If you have ever doubted the fact that YouTube holds the unique ability to transform lives, you have most likely never met YouTube’s #1 most subscribed musician, 20-year-old Internet boy genius, Dave Days. Since joining YouTube in 2007, the green polo-wearing, Miley Cyrus-loving Dave Days has risen from a childhood spent in relative obscurity in […]

Rock On!

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