UPDATE: YouTube Airbrushes ‘Allah’ Out Of Katy Perry Video After Muslim-Backed Petition Raises Holy Hell


UPDATE 2/28/14 16:07 PST: As our delightful friends in the YT PR department have reminded me, they do not edit any videos — so it is a bit misleading to say that YouTube itself made the change. They didn’t — the video uploader did. Whether YouTube has any financial stakes in the uploading company, well, […]

Muslim Humor Doesn’t Bomb On Twitter #MuslimRage


Newsweek proposed that outraged citizens should take to the Twitter feed #MuslimRage to comment regarding the magazine’s current cover story of unrest in the Islamic people. It didn’t work out that way. What they expected were a torrent of angry comments from right wing nutjobs and Muslims, maybe a few frank declarations from the occasional […]

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