NMR Puts My Damn Channel’s Danny Abrahms On The Therapist Couch With His Series ‘Self-Help’ [INTERVIEW]

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I like YouTuber Danny Abrahms, and I think you should like him too. Why? Because I told him that I wasn’t a fan of his series “Self-Help” which releases through My Damn Channel, and then I asked him questions anyway, which he gamely answered, knowing full well that I could unleash savage hellfire on his […]

TV Veteran Creators of My Damn Channel Comedy’s ‘We Got Next’ Talk Their New Show, TV Vs Web, ‘The Game’ Season 7

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More proof that high quality, longer-form content is a growing trend, the My Damn Channel Comedy Network recently introduced its first-ever half-hour series to join its slate of web programming with “We Got Next.” Of course, the Comedy Network extension of My Damn Channel was only just launched in 2013, so every new series is […]

UPDATED: Is My Damn Channel Deleting Content From Abandoned ‘Modern Primate’ Channel To Repurpose Brand?

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UPDATE (01/22/14 19:52 PST): This is the kind of stuff that makes me feel bad that I get so frothing and “attack dog-like.” Here I assume the worst about an MCN and here they go, showing themselves off to be quite pleasant. From My Damn Channel: “With Modern Primate dormant since early last year, we […]

My Damn Channel Launches Answerly Book Club [VIDEO]

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Out of the My Damn Channel stable comes the relaunch of Answerly — but with a twist. Meet the all-new Answerly Book Club, which debuts today. Curated by the same vloggers behind Answerly, Hayley Hoover, Joseph Birdsong and Kristina Horner, new videos will drop every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Each vlogger has their own genre: […]

Grace Helbig to Move on From My Damn Channel and ‘Daily Grace’ in New Year

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2014 will shape up to be a banner year for YouTube endings: Kingsley will be departing, Ray William Johnson’s “Equals Three” show will be done and now Grace Helbig will be finished making videos for My Damn Channel and their Daily Grace channel. Helbig signed with My Damn Channel in 2007 and has been uploading […]

7-Foot-Tall ‘30 Rock’ Star Carries YouTube Comedian Around New York In The Name Of Comedy [VIDEO]


In his most recent video, “Carried Like A Baby,” YouTube comedian Mark Malkoff proves that there are some things that can shock New Yorkers. In the video, Malkoff is strapped onto 7-foot-tall “30 Rock” star Grizz Chapman and carried around New York City like a baby. “There were a lot of otherwise jaded New Yorkers […]

Comedian Maria Bamford Gives Motherly Advice In My Damn Channel’s ‘Ask My Mom’


Comedian Maria Bamford is coming to My Damn Channel with her quirky web series “Ask My Mom!” She will play the roles of herself and her 72-year-old “heartfelt, absurd liberal Christian mom” Marilyn Bamford. The “Ask My Mom!” website describes Bamford’s role as her mother: “She has years of wisdom to tackle any query, question […]

My Damn Channel Teams Up With Blip On Four Comedy Web Series


My Damn Channel is partnering up with fledgling YouTube rival Blip. The two companies announced today a sales and production partnership that will see four of My Damn Channel’s web series produced exclusively for Blip.com and its partners. The four series —“Wainy Days,” “Daddy Knows Best” and two unnamed series currently in development — will […]

My Damn Channel’s Mememolly Talks YouTube Creator Development & Slow Loris Videos [INTERVIEW]


Starting at the age of 15 with a borrowed camera from her dad to record her first videos, Molly Templeton has quickly become one of the most well know names in YouTube by wearing many hats — vlogger, YouTube enthusiast, and currently, My Damn Channel’s Director of Talent and Audience Development. Better known as the […]

Daily Grace on her YouTube Success, My Damn Channel Live & What Makes Her Laugh [INTERVIEW]


Self-proclaimed vlogger and improv performer Grace Helbig is known to the YouTube world simply as “Daily Grace.” Her style blends comedy, quick wit and the personality of the awkward sister next door, Grace videos follow a theme of the day schedule: Tuesdays for hazing her viewers, Wednesdays for reviewing things (usually followed by a shot […]

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