YouTube Video Editor Update: Stylish With Nothing Under The Hood


Back in September, YouTube introduced a set of built-in editing tools for uploaded videos. While the editing interface was a valiant effort, it was primarily met with yawns and disinterest. Competing against editing software like Vegas, iMovie and Premiere, YouTube’s video editor was relegated for adding captions and sloppy on-the-go edits. Since then, YouTube has […]

‘I AM BIG BIRD’ Documentary Looks For Funding On KickStarter [INTERVIEW]


There is a strange disconnect between many of the icons who have played pivotal roles in pop culture and the audiences who cherished them. Star War’s Chewbacca forever changed the dynamic between sci-fi heroes and their sidekicks, yet how many of us know anything about the man inside the suit, Peter Mayhew? Godzilla will forever […]

YouTube Channel GirlsGuideTo TV Is Cosmo For Generation Y [EXCLUSIVE]

GirlsGuideTo TV

Since its inception, YouTube has been a bit of a boy’s club. Regardless of vlogging pioneers like LisaNova, Lonelygirl15 and iJustine, the recipe for a successful YouTube channel typically involves a male element. As the YouTube landscape evolves and grows, the need for more female voices is becoming blaringly obvious. Luckily, starting August 8th, YouTube […]

Everyone On Twitter is a Robot: We Have Proof! [INFOGRAPHIC]


There is a dark corner of the Internet where, with enough money, you can buy fame, prestige and fortune. This shadow-filled digital alley is not what you think it is. It is not the deep morass that is 4Chan or any number of subreddits frequented by mustache-clad weirdoes. In fact, this black-market is used by […]

5 Tips To Unlock Your Inner Sherlock Holmes On YouTube


This week, YouTube announced another original channel dedicated to news — this time focusing on investigative journalism. The I Files channel, curated by the Center for Investigative Reporting with Knight Foundation funding, will cover “reporting that digs deep into stories, gives background to complex issues, and reveals details that help us make better sense of […]

Short-form Versus Long-Form YouTube: Who Will Win the Race?


When YouTube content creators decide to make a film, sometimes they ponder whether their idea would work better as a 2-minute snippet or a 30-minute feature. The short-form camp argues that their side will win because viewers watch so many videos in a single month that they are more likely to watch shorter videos as opposed […]

King Of The Web’s Battle Royale Is The Thunder Dome For YouTubers


With the beaten and battered corpses of their enemies behind them, this past year’s King of the Web victors have now entered the brutal gauntlet known only as “Battle Royale.” What’s Battle Royale you ask? If you stopped asking so many questions I would tell you, dear reader. In Battle Royale, every qualifying King of […]

Should YouTube Split Premium & Regular Content?


Hulu Plus came first, now should we anticipate YouTube Platinum? An analyst knowledgeable of the online video company thinks that YouTube should spin off its website to feature quality content–for example, the 100-plus original channels that the company is funding right now. Allen Weiner, an analyst at Gartner, told USA Today, “Advertisers don’t want to […]

YouTube Shares Video Ideas On Pinterest


Pinterest has been a creative lover’s dream—it acts like a scrapbook that users can “pin” articles, fashion tips, recipes, photos–and yes–videos from YouTube. Now, almost a year since Pinterest introduced video pins to accompany its photo-sharing and article-sharing abilities, YouTube is officially making its mark on the addicting social media site by adding its own video […]

YouTube Is Trigger-Happy Fun!


If there’s anything that makes for a kick-ass viral video, it’s guns and computers. A recent promotional video on YouTube by Clearplex shows an elderly lady touting her shotgun and shooting at a Macbook and an iPhone. It’s trying to prove that Clearplex will handle anything, even bullets from a shotgun—but having a grandma shooting […]

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