In Honor Of 1 Billion Users, Facebook Compares Themselves To Chairs….Wait, What?


Facebook is like a chair. No, wait, it’s actually like an airplane, or is it a doorbell? No, I’m pretty sure it’s like baseball because everyone likes baseball, or something like that? What’s this now? Facebook is actually like a great nation. Nevermind, now Facebook is like a handshake, now a milkshake, now a garden […]

Watch This Now: ‘Gangnam Stlye’ Has Brainwashed The World’s Children


I know what you are thinking, “Another ‘Gangnam Style’-inspired video?” But think about it this way. Would you be confused about the number of articles covering the Watergate scandal as it unfolded? Am I saying that “Gangnam Style” is as culturally relevant as Watergate? Maybe, but maybe just like former president Richard Nixon, “Gangnam Style” […]

Dailymotion Seeks U.S Investors, Will It Be Enough To Take YouTube Down?


If you’ve been cognizant on this planet long enough, then you’ve heard of YouTube. The sheer enormity of YouTube’s success has guaranteed that the crowd-sourced video site will remain a household name for the foreseeable future. After YouTube, though, competing video sites drop significantly in terms of the public’s knowledge of their existence. Sites like […]

YouTube VS. Vimeo: Which One is Right For You?


As of September 2012, 9 of the top 10 most viewed YouTube videos are music videos. The one exception to this is the YouTube classic “Charlie bit my finger-again!” with over 478 million views. Vimeo’s most viewed videos, on the other hand, range from time-lapse landscape studies to beautiful video art installations. When it comes […]

Watch This Now: Nuit Blanche Turns Toronto’s Streets into An Art Gallery


Every year, Toronto opens up their city streets to showcase over 150 contemporary art projects. The event known as Nuit Blanche turns three Toronto zones into an outdoor art gallery for one night. The exhibits shown at Nuit Blanche focus on interactive art and movement within an organic space, which in this case happens to […]

Creative Studio Epipheo Launches New YouTube Web Series


Dedicating yourself to cataloging useful and thought-provoking information on the Web seems like an impossible task. After all, the Internet is the land of utterly useless information. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and type, “What is” into Google. Yeah, that’s right — “What is yolo?” is the fourth search result. Hard-hitting stuff. When it comes […]

Anthony Padilla Talks Smosh Games, Zelda And ‘Humiliating Punishment’


Oh Smosh, you won’t be happy until you conquer the Internet. In addition to their incredibly successful YouTube channel and website, Ian and Anthony (also known as Smosh) have recently launched an all-gaming channel — SMOSH Games. Alloy Digital’s sibling show ClevverGames and Smosh have united to make Smosh Games an all-encompassing look into everything […]

Watch This Now: Jimmy Fallon Sings Every Classic TV Theme Song In 5 Minutes


Television premier season is here, and like so many fallen autumn leaves, canceled sitcoms are being replaced by fresher more quirky pilot episodes. While most pilot episodes struggle to find their voice and end up being painfully dull, every premiere season seems to have at least one runaway hit. 2006 had NBC’s brilliant “30 Rock,” […]

The New Myspace Is Here…Will It Take Over The World Once Again?


You’ve got to give Myspace credit — as bad as things have been for the social media site, it has never officially thrown in the towel. First, News Corporation purchased the site with disastrous results, then Facebook arrived on the scene and Myspace users became exclusively sex predators and the tragically out of date. Back […]

Watch This Now: Father Sends Son’s Favorite Toy Into Space, Shames All Parents


Oh, Internet, you know just how to pull on the old heartstrings, don’t you? If there is one thing that gets those tear ducts working, it’s a 2-minute father son story about childhood wonder and the great beyond. I think it’s safe to say that at one point in every little boy’s life, they wanted […]

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