5 Videos From The YouTube Super Church To Save Your Heathen Soul


There are no shortages of heathens here at the NMR worldwide headquarters. Already, at least a dozen examples of sinful behavior have occurred while I was writing this sentence. We’ve got blasphemers, adulterers, gluttons, coveters, thieves and liars spreading their wicked propaganda across the Internet in the form of new media-themed content. Needless to say, […]

Create An Ad Free YouTube Music Playlist With TubeRadio.fm


I literally can’t stop listening to Kanye West on YouTube. For a while now, I’ve been fed up with the reverie-destroying Carl’s Jr. and vodka ads that plague every Pandora and Spotify playlist. A person can only listen to so many ads about a pulled pork hamburger abomination before the allure of “free music” isn’t […]

7 Videos To Replace The Void YouTube’s Mood Wall Left In Your Heart


Ever since YouTube mysteriously started testing their mood-based video recommendation menu dubbed the “Mood Wall,” I can’t get it out of my head. I have so many unanswered questions for the video-sharing moguls like: “What the hell is a Mood Wall?” “Are you teaching computers how to feel?” “Will this be the first step towards […]

Watch Vimeo’s Top 10 Indie Alternatives To Last Night’s MTV VMAs


Last night’s MTV Video Music Awards were a testament to the once music driven-turned “Jersey Shore”-funded channel’s inability to embrace anything but the mainstream. The “award show” now seems to be just an opportunity for MTV to gather music’s most accessible celebrities into one venue to honor them for their already fanatical popularity. Categories such […]

YouTube’s Greatest Hero, Maru The Cat, Becomes A Fashion Icon….Sort Of


Champion of the Internet and probably the world’s most famous cat, Maru, is now selling designer clothing for Japanese fashion retailer Uniqlo. We’ve talked a lot about human YouTube celebrities breaking into commercials and acting gigs, but what about those kings of the Internet — cats and their crazy shenanigans. Are we so obsessed with […]

Videos You Should Be Watching Right Now: ‘Experience Human Flight’


There are many videos on the interwebs of skydivers jumping out of planes, but none of those videos are quite like this one. “Experience Human Flight” combines the awesome thrill of free falling with the cinematic experience of slow motion. Though a number of famous directors have said it, I always think back to Dave […]

The Fine Brothers Join Philip DeFranco At Creative Network Revision3


Benny and Rafi Fine have creating viral videos down to a science. With their YouTube channel sporting over 1.7 million subscribers and over 300,000,000 video views, the Fine brothers have become industry leaders with their specific brand of YouTube skits and web shows. The Fine brothers are the masterminds behind the wildly successful “Teens React,” […]

Terrorizing Children Across America: The 6 Best Jimmy Kimmel YouTube Pranks


Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has been stepping up his YouTube game lately, and by “stepping up his YouTube game,” I of course mean ruining people’s lives. If you weren’t already familiar with Kimmel’s particular brand of cruelty, essentially, the talk show host asks participants to send in YouTube video pranks inspired by […]

YouTube Declares War Against Apple & Amazon With Digital Movie Rentals


It seems all but lost for poor physical movie rentals. As if the shuttering of Blockbusters around the country wasn’t proof enough, most connected TVs are now coming off the assembly line with built-in digital movie rental options. YouTube, jumping on the bandwagon, announced today that they were dipping their toes into digital movie rentals […]

7 YouTube Videos To Help You Shake Off That Holiday Hangover & Get Back To Work


There are few things worse than going back to work after a long weekend. In just a few short moments, all of your wonderful Labor Day memories are swapped for the mind-numbing drudgery of a nine-to-five. The fruit-style cocktails have been swapped for coffee. Gone are the barbeques, and in their place stand desks. The […]

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