BBC News Survey: Mobile Devices Complement TV, Internet News Consumption


Instead of smartphones and tablets eating away at television and desktop news consumption, they are instead complementing each other by allowing people to consume their news through various platforms throughout the day. That’s one of the many findings in the BBC World News and in their global survey released today, which focuses on news […]

LIVE NOW: Beet.TV & Dailymotion Talk The Future Of Online Video At Beet Retreat 2013


Where will digital video go next? Beet.TV, along with representatives from media companies like Dailymotion and NBCUniversal, are taking on this topic at a two-day event in Vieques, Puerto Rico starting today. The “Beet Retreat 2013” will focus on topics like digital video monetization, distribution technology and what will happen to entertainment and journalism content […]

British News Service ITN Launches Citizen Journalism YouTube Channel Truthloader


YouTube has stood out among similar content-sharing video sites in providing a haven for citizen journalists, who have helped document game-changing events worldwide such as the Occupy Movement and the Arab Spring. Google has used YouTube’s popularity among citizen journalists by launching CitizenTube, an original channel that aggregates video content from multiple contributors worldwide. On […]

YouTube Awarded Top Journalism Honor: Is YouTube Setting a New Standard?


YouTube has cemented its position as video news visionaries by winning the News Innovation Award from the International Committee of Journalists Tuesday. In accepting the award for YouTube, CEO Salar Kamangar said they are an unusual choice for the award: “We are an unusual recipient because we are not journalists, but we are news junkies.” […]

Drudge Gets Pranked By Hurricane Sandy ‘Looters’: Are Trolls Good For The News?


Initially, I was positively frothing with delight at hearing that an online trolling group, the impressively-named Gay Nigger Association of America, had “pwned” the Drudge Report. The GNAA had published photos and blurbs on Twitter purporting to be of black individuals positively crowing over the amount of swag they’d stolen during Hurricane Sandy. One guy […]

Watch this: ‘Gangnam Style’ Prankster Ruins News Reporter’s Hurricane Coverage


The commonly accepted cycle of a trend is that it starts out, grassroots-style, amongst the “tastemakers” on the streets. It then gets adopted by celebrities recognized for being “cool.” They make the trend mainstream, and from there it trickles down to the general populace and finally fizzles a slow, hard death back on the streets […]

Zombies Are Dying to Eat Your Braaaiiinnns on Social Media


Newscaster: Reports, incredible as they may seem, are not the results of mass hysteria. Harry Cooper: “Mass hysteria?” What do they think; we’re imagining all this? Ben: Shut up! So goes a scene from George A. Romero’s seminal zombie film, “Night of the Living Dead,” released in 1968. That the zombie apocalypse hysteria that currently […]

CitizenTube Brings The Best Of Top News Stories


Want to know how many news organizations and citizen journalists are covering one event without looking at every channel? With the increased numbers of news groups and impromptu reporters covering world-changing events such as the Arab Spring, the United States presidential election and the Syrian uprising, it’s no wonder that CitizenTube acts as the one-stop […]

Google+: Does Anyone Use It?


While Facebook and Twitter has its users engaged constantly, the new kid on the block—Google+–is still struggling to shed its “ghost town” image. We told you a while back that Google+ clocked in at a mere 3 minutes per visitor monthly and for something that has been force-fed to millions of Google users that search […]

NMR News Roundup: Flying Cars, Kanye vs PETA and Ashton Jobs


Presented here are some of the week’s top trending news stories that you may have missed. Flying Cars ‘Are we there yet?’ That familiar refrain wouldn’t be as familiar if we’d just reach the promised land that The Jetsons already envisioned for us several decades ago already. But there was a glimpse of that future […]

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