Nikki Phillippi: A Girly Girl Obsessed With All Things Fashion & Beauty [YouTube NextUp Creator Profile Series]


One morning, Nikki Phillippi woke up and felt that God was telling her to post videos onto YouTube. A self-proclaimed “girly girl” obsessed with everything fashion, beauty and health, Nikki had little prior experience with YouTube, but having seen signs that called her to join the video sharing platform, she finally set out to make […]

Comediva: Empowering Women Through Comedy [YouTube NextUp Creator Profiles]


Erika Cervantes, Emily McGregor and Linda Chavez founded Comediva in 2010 as a way to create “brave, smart, geektastic humor that’s always empowering.” Their goal wasn’t just to make comedic videos that encompass pop culture and issues that relate to women, however; the team at Comediva wants to have more women in the comedy world. […]

Vincent Cyr: Handsomeness Plus Daily Vlogs Equals Internet Glory [YouTube NextUp Creator Profiles]


The YouTube channel of Vincent Cyr is a veritable grab bag of content. Combing through his seven plus years of content, Vincent’s uploads range from parody to music videos with no real grounding theme running through any of them. But that’s okay — Vincent gets away with it racking up tens of thousands of views […]

The Nive Nulls: A Husband Making Goofy Videos With His Hot Wife And Cute Kid [YouTube NextUp Creator Profiles]


Austin Null and his wife Brittany had been married nine months when they first started making their YouTube videos. What started as a hobby that was inspired by the outrageous and hilarious videos of the Shaytards soon turned into a full-time vlogging passion. The couple’s vlogs capture everything: the couple’s adorable daughter, Audriauna, their comments […]

Emmymade InJapan: A Curious American Girl Eating Her Way Around The World [YouTube NextUp Creator Profile Series]


Emmy, from the YouTube channel “Emmy Made In Japan,” has the greatest job in the world. Is she a Disney princess, you ask? No, young NMR reader, she is not — mainly because those are fictional characters, but a good guess on your part. On her YouTube, Emmy films herself sampling food from all over […]

Cracked: From ‘Mad’ Knockoff to YouTube Humor Original [YouTube NextUp Creator Profile Series]


Mad magazine may be America’s premier humor magazine, but many other humor magazines tried to get the same attention. One of them was Cracked, and according to its surviving entity, Cracked was founded in 1958 as a Mad magazine knockoff and “spent nearly half a decade with a fan base primarily comprised of people […]

Strength Project: Acrobatic Tutorials & Amazing Performances [YouTube NextUp Creator Profile Series]


Every summer, I like to spend my weekends at the beach people-watching. It’s fascinating to check out the diverse range of tourists, locals, surfers and weirdos that populate the shoreline. The people that fascinate me the most are the street performers on the boardwalk, especially the ones who put on a spectacle involving feats of […]

NitroRCX: Action Films Blended With Radio-Controlled Car Effects [YouTube Nextup Creator Profile Series]


Jett He, co-founder of NitroRCX, has the sort of dedication and passion that I wish I had chromosomally imparted to me. Not only does he run a successful online business devoted to what he loves — RCX cars — but he also makes badass YouTube videos that help sell said cars. It’s like a license […]

Nicola Foti: The Man With A Thousand Faces [YouTube NextUp Creator Profile Series]


Nicola Foti is the man of many faces on his YouTube channel Soundly Awake. His channel is both a collection of his vlogs documenting life’s comical moments and short skits featuring his eccentric characters. Starting on YouTube in 2008, Nicola has since gone on to create three other channels and 17 characters that he plays […]

WTFfilmsFTW: Comedy Vlogs, Sketches And Parodies Oh My! [YouTube NextUp Creator Profile]


Ryan Vallejo is just your average guy — of average height he wants you to know! — with a knack for making people laugh on his YouTube channel, “WTFfilmFTW.” After helping friends make videos for their channels back in 2008, Ryan became fascinated by the entire creative process of shooting and editing, and decided to […]

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