Friends Forever OnScreen & Off: Here Are The Top 7 YouTuber Besties

YouTuber Besties

“Let me tell you ‘bout my Bessssst Friennnnd. The one and only person, they’ll love me till the end.” Anyone else just love that song?! We’re the only ones? Okay, well fine then. Onward to our point. Once in a blue moon, the stars align in the YouTuberverse and miraculous friendships are formed. Friendships bonded […]

Time To Party! Ryan Higa’s YouTube Channel ‘NigaHiga’ Hits 8 Million Subscribers


It has been quite the week for YouTuber Ryan Higa, whose YouTube channel has just hit 8 million subscribers [YouTube logo balloons fall from the ceiling and a marching band starts playing]. After visiting the hospital earlier this week for injuries acquired during filming of a YouTube video, Higa has not only his health to […]

YouTuber Ryan Higa Injured During Filming Accident [VIDEO]


It is with a heavy heart that I report that YouTuber Ryan Higa was injured this week during a YouTube video gone horribly wrong. During filming for his most recent video, Higa, who insisted on partaking in a Fruit Ninja-related activity instead of letting a stunt double step in for him, was wounded when he […]

How To Get A Ton Of Views Doing Absolutely Nothing Starring Ryan Higa & Psy [VIDEO]


Step 1: Find something incredibly popular and buzz-worthy on YouTube. For this example, we’ll use Korean superstar and unofficial internet video king Psy and the release of his newest music video for “Gentleman,” which has amassed more than 67 million views and is still rising. Step 2: Make a reaction video of you watching the music video, […]

From Slobs To YouTube Heartthrobs: 5 Shocking YouTube Star Transformations


Everyone has that awkward phase they can’t escape. For some, it was braces, headgear and glasses all within the same week while in junior high. For others, it was that period of time when you bleached the tips of your spiked hair to more closely resemble a member of N’Sync. [Carly shivers at the memories] […]

UPDATED: Ryan Higa Loses 100,000,000+ Views From His Nigahiga Channel in Latest Round of YouTube Purging


[UPDATE 3/15/13]: MysteryGuitarMan tweeted that he’s lost around 10 million views from his main channel: YouTube is at it again. In a surprising tweet a couple of hours ago from the creator and star of YouTube’s No. 4 most-subscribed and No. 33 most-viewed channel Ryan Higa, he cavalierly revealed that YouTube has scrubbed over 100 million […]

Top 10 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels’ Actual Reach [NMR & Channelmeter Exclusive]


Tay Zonday wrote in an NMR guest post last week that “there is no reliable connection between a YouTube channel’s total number of subscribers and its video views.” He argued that the number of subscribers a channel has does not show how active those subscribers are or if they even log in to YouTube at […]

Smosh, Jenna Marbles Hit 7 Million, 6 Million Subscribers Respectively


So it seems like it’s a good day to be a major player in the YouTube game. Today, the boys of Smosh — Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla — just landed their seven millionth subscriber while attractive funny lady (and NMR’s first ever Prom Queen) Jenna Marbles just pulled down her six millionth. Yeah, everybody in […]

SMOSH Becomes The #1 Most-Subscribed YouTube Channel


[UPDATED 6:31 p.m. PST] It looks like Ray William Johnson (former #1 most subscribed YouTube Channel) will be working with Smosh on an upcoming video and will be filming tomorrow! So the maniac twosome of SMOSH just reclaimed the title of being the #1 channel on YouTube! NMR wants to congratulate Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla […]

Smosh Overtakes Nigahiga For 2nd Most Subscribed YouTube Channel


YouTube’s most popular comedic duo Smosh overtook Nigahiga as the second most subscribed channel on the video-sharing site late last week. According to VidStatsX, Smosh has added 117,321 subscribers this past week to bring their total to 6,462,739. In comparison, Nigahiga has gained 73,282 subscribers in seven days, and his total stands at 6,433,373 — […]

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