North Korea Is Best Korea: YouTube Hoax Plants Kim Jong-Un’s Country In World Cup Final

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There is a bit of mystery surrounding this viral clip of a “news broadcast purportedly out of North Korea” that has the Pyongyang National Team as a finalist in the World Cup alongside Portugal. It isn’t clear who made the video — it is unlikely that North Korea participated in the manufacturing of the false […]

North Korea Destroys New York in Creepy Missile Test YouTube Video


So this just happened … As a godless, arrogant overweight American I am both surprised and hurt that there is a place on this earth where my kind is not absolutely loved and envied. But apparently that place is North Korea. Uploaded to YouTube on Saturday by North Korea’s Uriminzokkiri (the country’s propaganda department), this […]

4 Worst Blunders of the 2012 London Olympics in Social Media and the Internet


It’s been a few days since the opening of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London and already we’ve got quite a few social media gaffes — some of them even before the arrival of the Olympic flame at the stadium. Whatever happens at these Olympics, these fails will always make us scratch our heads. Here […]

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