Olga Kay Debuts Mooshwalks


What were you doing a month ago? Don’t remember? Well we were attending the release of the new Mooshwalks sock line by Olga Kay. But we decided to make such a ridiculously opulent and snarky video, our editor took forever to finish it. That being said though, it looks a-mazing. If this trend continues, that […]

Bikini, Water, Moosh Walks … Olga Kay Shows Exactly What You’ll Need For Playlist Live [VIDEO]

Screen shot 2014-03-20 at 6.37.15 PM

Is there any question why Olga Kay is one of NMR’s favorite YouTubers? She’s funny, she’s cute, she’s smart, she’s super friendly, she works her butt off, she’s cute, she’s charming, she’s talented as hell, she’s cute AND … she’s informative. We should put her on the payroll after she kicks out posts like this […]

YouTube Space LA Holds First-Ever Scream Lab Program to Help Creators Produce Scary Videos

zombies scream lab

Recently, brain-starved zombies invaded YouTube Space L.A. during YouTube’s first-ever designated Scream Lab, a month-long program offered by YouTube’s Next Lab to give creators access to the space and to help them produce “scary good” videos. Hollywood special effects and makeup wizards from the Stan Winston School were on hand to help zombify over 20 […]

FreddieW And Harley Morenstein Take It To The Next Level At The ‘VGHS’ Season 2 Premiere [INTERVIEW]


Season two of “Video Game High School” is here and it is looking better than ever. Now with longer episodes, higher production values and a brand new roster of special guests, this season could very well elevate the web series medium to another level. But what do YouTube creators think about it? Displaying the utmost […]

Quadruple Threats? 5 YouTubers Who Can ‘Do It All’ [VIDEOS]


Forbes magazine isn’t usually known for sensationalizing (unless perhaps James Taylor is on the byline — ooh snarky elitist burn), but their recent gusher on MysteryGuitarMan, aka Joe Penna caught me by surprise. The writer of the piece, John Greathouse, a contributor, declares “I have seen the future of YouTube And It’s Name is Joe […]

Top 15 YouTubers Without Makeup Might Shock You [GALLERY]


It is said that only 12 percent of the population are truly strikingly, traffic-stoppingly beautiful. For the rest of us 88 percent, we get a little help from our friends — those friends being CoverGirl, L’Oréal and the bottles of wine we keep in our fridge. While each morning we strive to capture the “I […]

14 YouTube Channels’ Creators You Should Know [INTERVIEWS]


We live in an age where someone can post a video on YouTube and receive instant fame overnight. We all remember first hearing about Walk Off the Earth’s cover of “Somebody I Used To Know” or Rebecca Black’s original song “Friday.” Content can spread like wildfire through the social media grapevine, but building a following […]

6 Collective Digital Stars You Can Meet At Playlist Live 2013


This weekend’s Playlist Live convention in Orlando is more than just industry panels discussing things like the future of YouTube and how to actively promote your channel. Like its West Coast counterpart VidCon, Playlist Live is a venue where fans can meet their favorite YouTube creators. The Collective Digital Studio is bringing seven of their […]

NMR First Look: YouTube’s L.A. Creator Lab Winter Class of 2013


“Scrumtrulescent” doesn’t begin to describe the pop culture potential for the next few years as NMR brings you your VERY FIRST LOOK  at the selected candidates for the 2013 Winter class of YouTube Creators. Culled from thousands of submissions, these 23 inductees will be allowed free access to the YouTube Space — a brand new […]

The 2012 NewMediaRockstars YouTube High School Year-End Awards


YouTube is basically high school. You’ve got the geeks, the cool clique, the jocks, the class clowns, and the talented kids who are eventually going to move to SoHo and achieve jackshit. And since no high school would be complete without awards to rank the students and tell them where they stand with their peers, […]

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